#15 Josh Green - delisted


Agree completely, which is why it is so odd that the Jerrett and other signings have been decided / announced and this one hasn’t been.


Perhaps it is the injury?


How bad could it be though? Unless its career ending?


He is out of his moonboot and progressed running before venturing overseas with the boys to USA


I assume the hold up is either because getting a new contract is a fait accompli, and so isn’t being talked about but is progressing in the background once they finished everyone else, or with the sustained similar foot injuries he’s received the plan is for the medical staff to assess him when he gets back and decide if they think his body is up to it.

I agree with those who think that (foot injuries aside) he should be an automatic contract, although with uncertainty over if he is best 22 or depth. The good thing is that like everyone else he was learning our systems last year, and Crow was learning his body, so that hopefully if he can get most of a pre-season he can elevate his game, and Crow can keep him on the park.


He was in Washington with the others at the Wizards in the last day or two.


Every time I see new posts in here I am nervous there’ll be an announcement like;

‘We have advised Josh he will not be offered a contract for season 2018. He played an important role in our football program this season, and we wish him all the best with future endeavours’




Langers has his angry face on.


Maybe he’s asking too much money?


Would be ridiculous to bring him in for a year and then let him go the next. We looked better with him in the team.


He stays on the list but he isn’t best 22.


I think he is fighting for the 6th spot in the forward line… but I still reckon he is every chance of keeping that spot in the best 22.

Again though, it’s his foot that is the concern. Didn’t get a full preseason and all that.


If he’s already running he’ll probably get a better pre-season for 2018 then he did for 2017


You do make an excellent point. For whatever reason it hadn’t really sunk in that he is up and running. Pleasantly surprised if true.


FWIW that Wizard visit means nothing – e.g. Tricky Ricky Dyson did the team trip up to the NT at a similar time.

Not that I see any reason he actually is gone.


Came with a big reputation for being a reliable goalsneak who rarely missed. Goals were in short supply in most games that he played.

I suspect his fitness was often lacking and if is essential that if he isn’t fit and able to complete a testing pre-season then we should consider a younger player with more upside in him.


Bird was on a trip with some of the boyz as well - so…


I was rapt when we got green.

I was dissapointed with his year. He is better overhead than i thought but far slower than i realised.

For me he gets a 1 year deal.as.he is a better option than pick 80.

I’d rather we went with someone like a delisted free agent. Trengove even.

He offers nothing that dell olio didn’t and he wasn’t good enough either.

I’ll be forever grateful for his tackle on that kunt sam mitchell but for me he isnt a long term.option


Lol, did you just compare Josh Green to Corey Dell Olio? LOLio!