#15 Josh Green - delisted


Our inside 50 numbers were poor all things considered.

He plays the hardest spot on the ground to have an impact in general let alone with limited supply.

Conversion was lacking but he brought the defensive heat which is more what his role is about and extremely valuable.

Think Puopolo’s value in the Hawks successful fwd line, together with the star smaller fwds in Breust and Rioli.


I agree with the 1 year deal. It will make him work hard.
His 2017 is too small a sample to condemn a player, especially one whose accuracy was down on previous years and might have given him around 1.5 goals a game had he kicked close to his long term average


I love how when he’s one out in the forward line we kick it in high. That’s just excellent.


Otherwise known as the “Alwyn Davey role”, the 175cm key forward.


If Jerrett gets a spot then surely Green stays. I know which one has great benefit to the team…


Two benefits of keeping the little man:

  1. How he helps our other forwards,

  2. How yappy and annoying he is to the opposition.


Has he nominated us yet?


Not sure if he is best 22, but even if he isn’t he is absolutely a required player particularly if we get some injuries.
I think we should offer 1 year with a 30 goal / 30 tackles trigger for automatic extension


I reckon make it 25 goals and 40 tackles


wont get green


@nick_93, Alex by proxy :wink:


Won’t get Green,.




Given that he is on the fringe of best 22 in the heirarchy of forwards available, but first in line in case of injury after some of the other forwards move to the midfield, I would think a 1.5 goal per game trigger might be appropriate. If he averages more than 1.5, say then he becomes a best 22 .

2017 goals kicked averages

  1. Joey 2.83
  2. Hooker 2.05
  3. Fanta 1.95---------------------------------> Midfielder?
  4. Begley (3 games ) 1.67
  5. Stringer 1.5 ---------------------------------> Midfielder?
  6. Tippa 1.48
  7. Stewart 1.38
  8. Green 1.0
  9. Smith 0.94 ---------------------------------> Midfielder?

Bear in mind its not possible for midfielders to “rest” in the forward line in the modern “high half forward” role. They have to rest on the bench.


I don’t get all the green admiration.

He was serviceable this year. Also,hard to quantify the statements “we looked better when he was in”. I tend to agree but how do you cross reference team, midfield performance against those games.

He is a depth player that can only play 1 position.

Anyone thinking he is best 22 when our midfield was taken from the supporting cast of Return of the Jedi yet many can goal is optimistic.


If anyone who is thinking that all midfielders will be naturally gifted forwards, you’re kidding yourself. Only the elite of the elite make good forwards, players like Sam Mitchell and Pendlebury wouldn’t get a sniff. There is still a role for a position spealist, who has a natural instinct around the big sticks.


He missed rounds 2 (Brisbane - won ugly), 3 (Carlton, game called off), 18 (North, won in a shootout), 19 (Dogs, ugly loss), 23 (Freo, won ugly) and the final (thrashed)

It’s undeniable he was there when we played our best footy (patch from about a month before to about 6 weeks after the mid year break).

Other than the Melbourne and first Freo game, I think it’s a fair argument we played our worst footy when he was out.

None of which means he’s the cause, but it lines up with what I saw - we looked better when we had a quicker line up, which generally meant Green.


I’d give him 5 years following the tackle he laid on that Mitchell grub


I agree with the general sentiment, but pendles always looks pretty good in the F50 to me


Yes. I wonder how long Pendles can keep performing at this level. For the last 7 years he has averaged over 28 disposals, over 10 contested and 5 clearances per game. He hits the big 30 in 2018. If his output starts to drop, collingwood will suffer significantly.