#15 Josh Green - delisted


Referring to a Collingwood player by their nickname…post reported


Yes. But you are wrong. Many of our mids play fwd very naturally.


This year’s or next year’s?

I reckon this yea’rs mids didn’t.
Let’s say the main 8 mids were:

Zaharakis - he’s shown he’s a reasonable forward before, but that was a long time ago. He rarely ever rests forward these days (possibly because of our lack of midfield depth so he has to stay there).
Parish - I don’t think he’s ever shown much as a forward
Colyer - as above
Heppell - as above
Goddard - as above
Merrett - he’s a brilliant small forward I reckon, but doesn’t spend enough time there for obvious reasons
Watson - at his best he was very good forward. Terrible this year
Myers - shows nothing as a foward.

So pretty much only Zerrett and Zaharakis show anything as forwards.

Stringer and Smith would change that dynamic a lot. Langford as well if he improves as we hope.


Take your red and black glasses of pal, @aboods nailed it in the above post.


Myers and Hepp are the only two who really haven’t shown anything forward - although Hepp is improving, he’s a lot more confident kicking into 50 now than he was in (say) 2014.

Personally I’m a lot happier with specialist forwards in the forward line. I felt Hird too often tried to out-grunt opposition sides by weight of numbers, you’d gain a few midfield rotation minutes, but also lose potency.


I’m happier with the forward specialists too. I’d like to see more goals from our mids though. I think they will come as a natural by-product of our midfield getting better and being on top more often


Less so than previous years maybe, because we are playing a full forward structure. And seem to be avoiding secondary stoppages, which we used to rely on quite a lot under Hird (which is part of why we wanted 2 rucks)




You answered it.


Signed for 2018


Member email through

Signs on until 2019


Weird. Picture says 2019 but article indicates 2018.


“we we’re rapt“



I wonder if it’s easy being Green?


I am assuming it’s only a one year deal


Good stuff.


If he plays most of the year in the twos- will be a good thing.


no it won’t, he is a good player is seriously under-rated on this forum.



about time!