#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Yeah im excited about Draper. Bellchos 29 so he slots straight in once hes done. dont know if it was on purpose by Dodoro but the timing with Draper to take over is perfect


Training sessions I saw last year, Myers belted the ■■■■ out of his opponent in every stoppage drill - mostly Langford. Rarely seen him vs Heppell as past years Myers was injured or Heppell is sitting out of them drills.
So unless Heppell, Shiel, Langford or other candidates have him covered for stoppage strength he’ll play if available.


Don’t rate these two at all…


Begley is our most exciting kid. Redman is the only one that I think could be better than him but there is huge doubts in my mind over his body…


When it all clicks for Laverde… watch out!


You can have Lav, I’ll take my begs.


Done! I feel Dodoro after stealing Mozzie from the Hawks…


The fact we won the VFL premiership 18 years ago in 2000 (and also in 1993)??

Clearly having a strong VFL squad is paramount for success, I think you’re taking about the chicken and the egg, but I think you’ve got it the wrong way around.

So for me, if Begs (and Lav) learns his craft in the VFL and pushes the incumbents in the AFL out or to be better, then we are probably in a good place.


I actually rate the VFL and that’s why I don’t think it’s a bad thing if the kids ply their trade there.

So I think we are agreeing?


Yeah, just had to catch up, I think you’re right. :grin:


Jerrett was a wingman, and Laverde if he does end up a midfielder will probably never be an outside wing type player. I have no issue with our outside depth playing that role in the twos, especially when Jerrett also sent a significant amount of time inside the arcs everytime I saw the VFL team in the last two seasons.

There are more positions in the senior team available than just the prime midfield slots. Sometimes opportunities for spots open up and they’re not in the best possible role for the players available. When Laverde’s had an opportunity it usually been when we’ve suddenly needed forwards and he’s been playing well and kicking goals in the twos, and as such he plays that role when he does get promoted. We do actually need people to play as forwards and defenders if we want to compete and as much as the fans demand it, we can’t chuck 15 players on the wing at one time.

Criticising someone for not getting enough sustained midfield minutes, when their major issue is continuity of fitness, is missing the mark by some margin. Especially when at the end of the day, he’s still had more senior opportunities in recent times than players who haven’t had the injury run he has.


Which says more about the other players than it says about Laverde.

I’m not completely sold on him. But he can definitely play high quality football. If he can play to that level often enough he will play every week.


I guess Jayden will either have to put his midfield ambitions aside or go to another side then.

Not sure how he will ever play midfield when he is never given opportunities there.

As far as I can see he would be about 20th in line at the moment.


Isn’t midfield depth what we’ve been craving for the last 20 years?


And big bodied mids who can go forward are very handy.


I still see almost nothing in J Laverde’s football that screams “midfielder”.


We don’t even have proper depth yet. We have a bunch of younger mids that might step up.


A lot of Best 22s are putting Devon Smith in the forwardline.

We have more depth than we have had for a long long long time.


He was being played in larger stints in midfield in VFL towards ends of season before his AFL call up

This after again coming off and injury and building back up again.

He won’t get into our fwd line if we have a fit fwd 6 so that should mean assuming his fitness is up to scratch he gets used more and more in midfield at VFL level for his development


If he has a future with us that’s where it will be.
Same role as Stringer, The Langford, and quite possibly Begley.