#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


He hasn’t dropped off the radar, and yes, he is fitter and stronger. He needs games. He’ll play a few in the 2’s before being up for selection. In my opinion.


He will be best 22 by the end of the season. Competitive beast. I reckon he will play as early as anzac day


I hope you are both right.
What we need on a simple level are guys that can beat there man, can play defensively and are very efficient with the ball. This guy has all of that, and more.


I hope he plays VFL for the first half of the season. He has all the tools needed to average 25+ disposals, 5+ tackles and a goal or 2 a game playing VFL midfield.


Agree he has the tools.

After 5 - 10 VFL games & he regains his position in the 1’s


Totally agree. I’m more excited about Begs than any of the other young players we have.


Gives me a Luke Parker Vibe, wouldn’t mind playing him in the guts at VFL level for extended periods.


This kid is X-factor personified. provided he stays fit, he will be an absolute star before we know it.




Who’s spot does he take?


When Begs is 100% he and Lav are fighting for a spot. Do you agree? He played every game since his debut before the injury so i think the club rates him. He does cover the ground really well so maybe he could push out Guelfi.

*I know he’s played a very different role to Guelfi when he’s played.


Can’t see him pushing out Guelfi. All his games have been pretty much as a half forward, which is not Guelfi territory.


I hope Guelfi keeps his spot. I see him as the best chance to woo my step-daughter back to the Bombers in the post-Monfries era.


Yeah i know i know. I’m just a big wrap for him so i’m clutching at straws. I actually rate Guelfi so i want him in the side.


Lav is good but Begley wins that spot by a country mile. hes better in front of goal, can navigate traffic better, is more agile and at a guess is less injury prone. if we turn this kid into a mid, clubs are going to be going to the draft looking for a “Josh Begley type”.


Begs for Bags, as like for like as you can get. Only one letter difference and I thing Begs has the flexibility in his game to cope with a single vowel.


I don’t think that Begs takes Bags spot.
Perhaps one day.

But for now I’d prefer he takes Lavs spot.

A fit proactive highly skilled & efficient
Begley is better than Lav V.3.0


No letters in common. Just can’t see it working.


Players are that versatile these days, it doesn’t need to be like for like every single time. Its pretty easy to rotate/change roles


Well that might work if Lav had a spot, but as yet he doesn’t.