#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


I reckon Begley comes in when fit to take the role of Baguley. Putting him in to apply forward pressure first and foremost which I think suits him. He’s hungry, fit and a competitor and probably has more of a goal sense than Baguely; he looks like a natural forward


While I don’t disagree with this I do think it’s fair to say that bags has demonstrated pretty clearly that he has a nose for goal since his move forward


Nothing like grinding out years as a back pocket on those forward pocket show ponies to give him a taste for revenge.
Can just see Bags thinking ‘Fark, how hard can this goal kicking lark really be, given the numpties I’ve had to play on?’


Judging by the Medical Report, we will be seeing a new slimline version of the Fridge this year.


he certainly looks in good condition in the medical report video. Has lost all the ‘puppy’ fat and very noticeable around the face.


Saw him in Geelong, definitely dropped any puppy fat. Looking trim and ready to go.


Begley to Geelong, confirmed.


dont joke about that. he barracked for them as a kid :weary:


Microsoft Paint?


Massive surprise packet… bags is a genuine goal sneak and if he had have played more of his peak career years up there I reckon he could have been a Ballantyne like antihero. Loved by bombers supporters, hated by everyone else


LOL yes. I don’t visit Blitz to make a living.


I do think he has displayed a nose for a goal that I didn’t think he would have. However I wouldn’t call him a genuine goalsneak. He holds his position (potentially) on his defensive efforts and team focus. I don’t think he is going to start kicking sufficient goals for that to be the main reason he keeps his spot in the side.


20 goals from 2/3 of a season playing forward for the first time in his career is a pretty good return in my opinion - particularly a bloke who’s gone past thirty and notably lost a bit of pace


wrong thread mate


Must have swapped the slabs of beers in the fridge for coconut waters.


One of his teammates dropped the word a while ago.
He swapped to vodka rather than beer.
Smart footballer is Fridge.


Was going to say coconut water and vodka. I’d swap to vodka but that stuff just does horrible things to me.


Apparently he’s a good chance to return to VFL this week. Great news!


The injury update said hes 2 weeks away


Will make his return via the VFL this weekend.

Great news!