#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Here’s to a safe return.


Can’t wait to see this bloke back in the senior side. Brimming with talent & will add a much needed spark to our stagnant forward line. Onya, Fridge.


A lot of people have said that he has slimmed down over the pre-season.

However, his player profile says his weight is 97 kg. I think he was about 89 kg last season, which would mean he has gained about 8 kg over this pre-season.

Could that be correct? Or have the EFC website farked it up?


Saw him on Saturday and I would be surprised he’s 97kg




Josh has literally shredded all his baby fat and put on a lot of muscle. He is to put it mildly ripped. He has been predominantly working on his core and legs. But his upper body is bigger. His legs are actually bigger but leaner, more powerful if that makes sense. Depending on day I expect he is around 93 - 95Kg.
A powerful unit.

Judging by his attitude and evident by his physical prowess and efforts Fridge 2.0 will not leave any stone unturned to become a star.

I hope he doesn’t spend too long in the VFL. A bloke that can do it all. Leave him on the fwd flank or high fwd pocket and let him smash his opponent one on one.

The 6x6x6 rule is simply made for him.
He will play midfield this week & I expect a few goals & lots of goal assists.

Many will be absolutely gobsmacked by his endurance when he gets back into it.

Don’t leave the fridge in the garage, let’s bring him into the action.


Do you know he will play midfield this weekend or hopeful?

I would love for him to line up there.


No one actually knows with any certainty The team hasn’t been resolved yet.
Redman will probably play some mid mins if he isn’t selected in the ones. But Fridge 2.0 will probably still play some mins. He is pretty confident on his body.
Fark I hope he moves well - without any injuries. He has put in a massive amount of work since his injury.


image -> image


I think we know who @madbombersean is.

Thanks for the info Josh.


If only. Haha


Before Eastern Fridge was almost 110kg - being sizeable helps in upper gully


He’s got those Jobe thighs and an engine to go with them. Begley’s the only Jobe replacement on the list. I hope they put him at Drapers feet all year.


I think he’s a supremely overrated player but good to see him back.


That’s incredibly unlike you to have a negative opinion on something/someone


Disagree 100%


He still has a lot of midfield learnings to go before he is a genuine midfielder anywhere near the calibre of Jobe Watson. And he needs to prove his midfield credentials in the VFL before he’ll be considered as a midfield rotation.


Pfft, not much to rate yet. He’s the best prospect we have - best kick, tough, strong and surprisingly one of the fittest. Just has to learn his craft.


Best 22 midfielder by the end of the year.


Won’t happen