#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Any other club I would agree but not ours.

He’s got star written all over him.


He does have a bit of the de Goey’s about him


Hmmm, I wonder what it could be?



Youre right. They all look like Andy McGrath


Fridge light



(We’ve done this already, right? :thinking:)


Well he is the only player who can kick the ball straight.


Alex.f.94 usually is over the top negative with his posts but this time I have to agree with him. Begley is definitely overrated by many on here…particularly his potential as a Jobe Watson type mid.

I’ve seen zero ability to execute the most important and basic midfielder skill of all - rack up the footy. Has a lot of potential as a highly damaging forward/pinch hitting mid who can kick goals, tackle hard, apply pressure, win big contests and set others up with his lazer passes. I definitely see a lot more of Stewy Dew in him than Watson or any other prolific inside mid.


Lets give him a chance and then we can judge

An ACL can be difficult to overcome

WE wish him all the very best of course




In this new 6x6x6 era, the key is the best your opponent. One doesn’t need to rack up lots of flattering possessions. If he plays in the middle and uses it as well as he has consistently shown he can use it across half forward we will actually turn out putrid season around.

Less Jobe and more Stringer IMO. One touch stuff


Whether you call them “flattering” possessions or not, any decent to elite level mid can find the footy 25 plus times on the inside and outside.

Again I’m not saying I don’t rate him. I’m just saying I don’t think he’ll be anything more than a forward who can pinch-hit in the middle. I believe Stringer has more midfield potential.


What we need from Begley is that he gives his all on the field, plays hard, tough, uncompromising footy, gets in the oppositions faces, stands up for his team mates, puts on pressure, keeps tackling like he has previously, those massive tackles are a joy to watch.

With all this in place his skills will keep him in great stead no matter what position he plays.

If he works hard there are heaps of spots available for him to have a really good AFL career.

I think of players like Picken, Papley, Dahlhaus. ect


He’s played 8 games at the top level… how can he be compared to Jobe? He’s shown us he has some handy traits, but I think it’s a bit early to be raving about him just yet. At this stage he’s nothing but a 3rd tall forward option that tackles hard and can kick straight. Finding the footy doesn’t seem to be his strength, and from what i’ve seen he doesn’t seem to possess elite pace or even the magic touch that someone like de goey has.


We will be a better side when he comes back in. He gives us aggression and can win contested possession.


I hope this happens. I don’t know why everybody wants all of our young players to be midfielders. I’d love to have a beast like Begs roaming around inside 50.


Because look at him.

(FWIW I think he’ll be a mid, and a very good one, but not particularly soon. He needs to solidify a spot first, then develop from there. No stress, no hurry.)


Pfft… EFC will fix that soon enough.


Beat wishes to the Fridge.


Can’t wait to see him back in the Ones. Who’ll he replace ? Langford ? Myers ? Guelfi perhaps ?