#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley




The Big Boy thing isn’t really appropriate with him anymore btw, … Lang Lav Hepp Frang Gleeson, and many others all taller than him, . Mutch about the same, …and there’s no way on gods green he weighs 94 kegs anymore.

Must have shed 6 to 8 kilos at least, maybe more??

Anyone aware of his actual weight now?


He looks like a natural forward. I wonder how he’d go on a back flank.



2018 will be about getting games into him, most likely forward ish.


Will be a better player then Langas and Lav.




Not enough LAV


Reckon Lav and Begley could rotate pretty well through middle and forward.


Lav is the wingiest wing that ever winged.




Takes a decent grab though.


That’s interesting because in 3 years at Essendon not once in the VFL or AFL has LAV played wing…


That he does
I just think he’s not really a midfielder and he’s not really a forward, he’s a little of both, he’s quick, he tackles hard and he likes to get out into space.


A fair point. Their plans for him have been stuffed by injury this year, I’m intrigued where he ends up.


He’s big for a small.


The Goddard roll


Reckon he could get pretty strong/bullish and end up doing a bit inside. He’s good at getting the hands free and dealing with tackles.


Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s inept around clearances, just not a great natural reader of the contest.
But set him up as the guy who starts 10m defensive side and hits it on the move, or a kick forward, I think he could do real damage.




I was only off by one game but this is tracking along BEAUTIFULLY