#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Is that the first line of a limerick?


Who had a boot made of Gold


I believe he was another car park altercation recruit wasn’t he?

He knew how to kick a goal or 8 in the SANFL.


And on Elimination final day,


Hey…I just wanted to use the word ‘fenaegle’, alright?
I can’t even spell it ffs…


He looks like he’d be pretty handy in a bar fight


He looks great but is obviously not getting much of the ball at the moment.

For those at the ground, how was his defensive pressure? Pretty hard to tell on TV.


Couple of sublime passes from the BigBoiBoot, real spears and pinpointed.


I kinda want him in for this.

Bags Hartley. Ambrose
McG Hurley. McKenna

Zaka. Watson. BJ
TBell. Heppell. Zerrett

Tippa Joe. Stew
Begs. Hooksy. Raz

Gleeson. Parish. Kelly. Myers

Looks good there. Lav needs to get his head right.


BIG BOI is a lock!


Contested footy against the Swans in a final?

Big boy gets a gig for sure.


Didn’t get enough of it, have seen the same in the VFL. But boy o boy when he gets it he is damaging. Once he learns to find more footy, he will be one of our very best.


Rather keep Begs than Lav if that’s what it comes down to.


at this point theyre all chanting

“Begley forever!
Jayden never!
Begley forever!
Jayden never!”


Hoping he can develop into the midfield bull we so desperately need. May not happen next year or even the year after, but seems he has the natural footballing nous and ball skills, just needs to develop the tank (though interesting that Dodoro’s assessment is that he does have a natural engine in him).


Yep, that’s exactly where I see him in future. I am already more convinced of this then I am as Lav or Langford in the middle.


I prefer Begley getting it once for a goal than Lav getting it 3 times for 3 behinds.

At the moment, just for his composure and kicking entering forward 50 and going for goal, we need to stick with him. It is like Walla or Cyril, you don’t need to get it as much as others if what you do is always causing damage.

Early days for him, and the best is yet to come, but with Green out I think he gets a guernsey, especially against a side like the Swans at the SCG.


Lav is very down on confidence. You can see how ■■■■■■ off he is at the end of each quarter, knows he can do so much better. Even slapped Hepp’s hand away, as in “don’t pat me on the back, I don’t deserve it”. To Hepps credit he came straight back at him and gave him a rough up, ruffled his hair. We turn on our young blokes way too quickly in here. Guy is a specimen, has talent to burn. Begley too, but atm gets the ball about five times a game. They’re both just getting there, both being asked to do different things. Neither should play finals outside of the VFL this year.


I should clarify that I am a Lav fan, but you are right he should be getting confidence playing VFL finals at the moment and when his head is right (provided it is his head and not his foot) he is in my best 22 for 2018.

As for Begley, I would agree that he should be playing VFL finals if Green was available (with Raz hopefully coming back in). But he is my pick for the SCG final to continue to replace Green given how much damage he can do from limited opportunities in the likely congested forward line against the Swans. His strong body won’t go astray even to help make room for Joe, JS and Cale.