#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Love him. Will be cult hero.


Would like to see him trialled in the midfield.
Just to hear the wanker commentators say, ‘The Fridge at the coalface’.


Based on what exactly?


Based on the fact he hasn’t had the time to prove that he’s worse :grinning:


Based on the fact that he has earned games in the senior team, including a final while Langford has has trouble doing that.


I suspect they will give him a lot of senior opportunities this year. I’d have him in front of green


Hes tough in the contest already.
We lack that.

Hes in.


The kid has both ■■■■■ and composure evidenced by his straight kicking for goal under pressure, and his ability to get it in the first place. Surely he’s a starting 22


Luke Parker like ability, but a better kick.


more along the lines of built like a brick… something s… house


Langford: 31 games, 6 in 2017

Begley: 3 games in 2017

I rate Begley, but he hasn’t actually done anything Langford hasn’t yet. Come in, showed some promise up forward, while everyone at the club wants to turn him into a future midfielder.


Puke Larker.


This is so accurate. Basically Begley is enjoying the warm glow of ‘new toy’ status and is acting as the new shiny Langford with the untapped potential midfield and limitless skies.

For the record-I rate both players as midfield talents.


Thing I’ve liked, no, loved, about Beggers is he plays that…and can’t believe i’m saying it, that Richmond type tenacity in packs, keeps his feet and focus and grinds his way through packs to get the ball.

Seen it in VFL and AFL now, inside mid with an accurate kick and can do wonders up fwd, tick.


+1 he’ll turn into a decent player. Langford we’ll be traded in a couple of years… hes just not made for it


I rate Begley very high and said early last year that he will be one of our better players soon enough.

I’m confused with the comments about being a bull or a contested type player though.

For mine he’s a balanced player and is just as much outside as he is inside.

I feel people are setting him up for failure like they are with Lang if he can’t fill that Jobe role.


Has a beautiful kick.

Can he find enough of the ball to be really damaging?


Hi kicking is what sets him apart. Having him and Smith delivering into F50 will be pretty special. And when they can’t find targets both can bang one from outside 50 easily.


Having seen a few, highly skilful passages of play last year I was looking a bit more closely at his work in JLT 1 to see what warrants the hype as I’m unable to watch many/any VFL. He didn’t stand out as an accumulator but he did have an instinct in traffic, among the contested ball that explains some of the thought around here as our Life of Brian, Holy Grail Contested Beast. Didn’t always work out but he has the instinct and natural power in close that can develop with seniority alongside his foot skills to be huge weapon for us.

2018 - Regular 22
2019 - Contested Beast, AA
2020 - Supreme Galatic Overlord of all Things Great & True

I’m on the wagon.


I really like what Ive seen so far but I must have missed something. Where is this future midfield stuff coming from. Where has she shown that he is a mid. I think he can be a damaging forward with his kicking ability for sure. A mid? I need some evidence