#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Shot up the draft order after recruiters requested he be moved into midfield in his u18 year and dominated. Dodoro all over this.

However like many players who come into system they aren’t immediately played in midfield at elite level as simply don’t have tank for it.

Even Parish who was a gun junior mid right now has indicated the biggest thing he needed to improve was his tank to be able to sustain the running that an AFL mid does.


Ok. He certainly isn’t built to be an outside mid so he’s going to have to spend a year or two in the VFL to get his body right and to learn the craft of an inside mid. This isn’t TAC football where big bodies tend to dominate the skinny fellas. We don’t have the luxury of carrying anyone in the seniors. The odd burst here and there on the ball in the seniors wont build up his tank. Having said that if he can kick 2 or 3 goals a week I’m all for it lol




I think it’s that he looks like a contested ball player, regardless of what he actually is and may become.


My comments around him being a Contested Beast in 2019 was in jest. To be clear, I meant I believe him to have a natural, powerful ability with his head over the ball. Some players are great in the contest at utilizing space where there is none and then setting up others via disposal while others have a tunnel vision-type aggression over the ball; I believe the Fridge to belong to the later.


I agree.

Which is the problem most have with assessing Langford.

Begley May play more inside but he is very good with ball in hand and that would be nullified if playing more inside.

And Begley is yet to show whether he has great hands in close which is important.

I rate him highly and think he will rise through the ranks fast but patience is required with these young players before deciding what type of player they are.


From 0:57 to about 2:00. Not really anything to do with the conversation that’s happening, but it’s a hell of a first ten minutes of AFL.


A chin like that means you’re an inside contested ball mid, no arguments.




Super hero chin


Almost Rance-like.


Sooooo good.


Built like a chin-panzee.


Kid has to play.


Eddie would like that one.


I think Begley is a much more natural midfield talent. I’m all aboard the Langford train, but he’s not a direct straightforward will be a midfielder type.
I think as soon as Begs is fit enough he’s in there.


at AFL level they are forwards…both of them. I am a fan of both but I’d bet my balls neither will make it as mids. Langford was showing heaps until they decided to try him as a mid. Gone backwards since. I hope they don’t screw Begley too


Bosh Jegley


What makes you think Begley cant play midfield?


Have a look at the final we played against Sydney…