#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


What have you seen at Essendon that makes you think he can?


Answering a question with a question?

I just thought you may offer some insight.


Lock for round one I reckon


What sort of answer is that?


I reckon Langers & Begs should swap possies.
So - Begs can become the part-time VFL mid specialist, and Langers can move into fringe/potential/fill forward.




I’m miles more bullish on Fridge than Langford. Firstly, because he has great kicking skills, secondly, more mongrel, and thirdly, seemingly a better temperament.


With Raz and Laverde injured, I would say green and Begley could both play round 1 now


Agreed, barring the obvious ones in parish and mcgrath, begley is our best young midfield hope


Get him into side - anyone over 6 foot with a bit of meat on their bones, and mongrel, goes into the side. Guelfi? Get him in. Clarke? Stuff it, give him a run. McKenna goes in the middle too. Big bodies and mongrel at the bounce… let’s not overcomplicate this with systems and strategies to compensate for a lack of muscle and weight in the middle - get muscle and weight into the middle. You know it’s true… I’m Sam Kekovich.


Also he looks like he wants to deck everyone.


Disturbing flashbacks of Rene Kink in an Essendon jumper.
Muscle and mongrel flabbily bouncing down the wing chasing the play.
God no!
Do you ever learn?


Nup, never learnt nuffin’ Did me know harm - I is stil reel smart


Wasn’t he up front running with the mids preseason in the endurance running?

If so maybe he could start to push into the midfield later in the season.


Big chance for round 1. Hope he shows a bit again on Sunday.


I assume you are to young to have been forced to see the hulking hairdresser, well past his prime, lumber around, which is why you missed my point.
Another Sheedy brainwave - to introduce “ muscle & mongrel” that was left gasping on the Windy Hill turf.
Looked good for the first five minutes.
Looked sad for the rest of the quarter.


To assume makes an ■■■ out of u and…

Watched Rene play, had his footy card. Not sure why you think picking an extreme example of an overweight footballer from another era makes any relevant points in a forum post about modern day footballers… but hey, I get it, fat, slow guys wouldn’t get a game today… thanks for the reminder.


Maybe it was something about the line above.


Is on the interchange bench go get em son and book spot in the team for rd 1


Well maybe you are.
Or maybe you’re just a farking tossser.