#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Actually, in retrospect I’ve messed up and apologise - not cool at all saying what I did, although I didn’t mean to be derogatory to anyone on the spectrum. Not a fan of those who pot from afar, as is your way Deckham, but inappropriate what I said. To the sin bin for me for a bit.


A barbed apology is still an apology, I guess, and I understand that I’m not the one that needed it.


Fourth, born in July.


Problem is that anyone who gets over 80 in a maths test is considered to be on the spectrum.

I attribute my position on the spectrum, not to my first class honours degree in mathematics and statistics, but to my great ability to remember what numbers players wore from the 60s on…and not just for Essendon.


Not one to say a players my boy but Begleys my boy.


Was Judd Lalich your boy too?


How’s the custody battle going with you and hap?


I though Judd Lalich was buggy’s.


It’s possible that Judd Lalich’s bandwagon was bigger than most thought.


Best runner the club has ever had


^Does a disservice to Nobby Clarke.


Nah I I only loved his music.


No excuses, I compared someone’s very literal interpretation of a comment I made with how someone with Aspbergers might read it. Inappropriate. For what it’s worth, I really think the ability to see things in a very black and white way is as much a skill as it can be a burden for some, at times.


I found my car keys in the fridge last week.

I gotta be on some kinda spectrum.


You make a very literal post.
You get upset when I try to point out the failings of that approach (by using a bit of humour and referencing Essendon history)
Then you go off generally having a pot at people who may or may not have Aspergers.
And finish with the politicians apology”if I’ve offended anybody …”

It takes more than mongrel and big bodies to win a flag.
Begley may help.
Clarke won’t until he can kick.
Guelfi is wishful thinking.
And the last two Premiers were not overly stacked with big bodied mids.
North Melbourne are.


The apology is sincere. I posted quickly, never said ‘If I offended anybody…’, did say that I had ‘no excuses…’ It sounds like you want nothing short of a head on a stick… ok, your prerogative.

This is Blitz, bit of banter, a bit off niggle is to be expected, but there’s a line I crossed when I spoke of Aspbergers and I apologise.

Putting that aside, I was taking the p*ss from the get-go with my original post, hardly being literal. The ‘You know it makes sense, I’m Sam Kekovich’ line I thought would be a giveaway, but it wasn’t… my bad. I’m a fan of having some bigger blokes in the team, but footy is a lot more complicated than that- to suggest otherwise is the kind of simple-minded thing that Sam Kekovich would say. Bit obscure, my post, I’ll admit.

You made some silly, tongue-in-cheek and patronising comments, I replied in kind. That’s Blitz, bit of niggle, banter, all good fun, I certainly wasn’t upset, - you hear plenty worse in the crowd at a game. Hope that’s all good with you, and, if not, I reckon we should free up this thread for some actual Josh Begley comments regardless.

Oh, and Richmond won last year with 22 strong ruck rovers… :slight_smile:


lol drops selwood

goes to pick him up afterwards coz he’s a good bloke

selwoods all gruff and begleys just like

“you what mate?”

love him


Havin a bit of a stinker.
Lets see his ability to play himself into the game in the 2nd half.
His possible round 1 selection depends on it.


Sadly not looking near it yet. Getting games on hope and potential. Needs to pick it up.


Hardly. He near ■■■■ himself when Selwood came at him.