#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


Not at all he was just surprised at Selwood being such a flog about absolutely nothing.

At least now he knows.


Langford would have offered more :wink:


Begley needs to develop his game in the VFL - And hopefully midfield minutes.


6 disposals not enough at all. Not earning his spot.


He’s too nice on the field, needs more agro.


Selwood didn’t need to go him but once he did begley should have made a statement.


He did.
Laughed at the whinging prick.
Best way to treat a Selwood.


That’s not how I remember the incident at all.


He has a lot going for him. Doesn’t fark up much, and what he does he does well. (As WOB said above.)

The real question on him right now is his lack of impact over a whole game. He just disappears for large chunks of it.

Whether that’s a fitness thing, a mental thing… Not sure. But his development should be a big priority this year. Would like to see getting as much midfield time in the VFL as possible, as he needs to start getting more of the ball more often.


It’s probably in part a position thing, we’ve had forward flankers having single digit possession games for years. I think because it’s a position that gets kicked over or run past a lot if the player doesn’t know where to be and doesn’t read the play well. Which is not an excuse, just an observation that it can be a rough spot for someone finding their feet at senior level.


Agree re position.
Genuine half forward flank is probably the toughest spot in contemporary footy.
Forward pockets are at least defensive, if not crumbing or leading options. Taller pockets lurk near goal.
Back flankers are expected to be used for overlap run and switching the play.
Third talls on a forward flank don’t count - they’re basically a rotational KP target. (Gunston, Stewart etc)
Actually struggling to think of one that doesn’t take significant time on ball or rotates all over the forward line ( Fanta, Puopolo )

A better measure then of a quality game is probably how well they used the few chances they got, and did they work hard enough defensively to restrict their opponents run.


Z[quote=“WindsockBoy, post:1402, topic:3762”]
Genuine half forward flank is probably the toughest spot in contemporary footy.

Whaaat? Tougher than chf and FF? Don’t think so.

Edit: Even my quoting is drunk.


He got six tackles didn’t he? That shows endeavour, it will click. Gotta a good feeling about this one, gotta play him in the ones, at least while Raz is out


In terms of being involved in the game far harder.
Being stuck on one side of the ground while the wind forces all the play along the other side, under instructions not to crowd the key forwards space, and making leads into space to draw your opponent away, can make for a statistically lonely day out.


He was certainly cracking in very hard will into the last quarter.

A quiet day but plays round 1 if only because Raz is out


Maybe not just yet.

But Raz and Colyer missing might mean he gets a shot. What he does is quality I think, just needs to find more of it


Huh? One, the wind was goal-to-goal and two, there is, more than ever, nothing bar a player’s one-sidedness that keeps them isolated that way.


Wonder how it would be viewed if "The " was there


I was talking about why the half forward flank can be, statistically, the toughest position on the ground.
The example I gave was general, not referring specifically to that game.

You might subtitle it “The Loneliness of the Long Distance Flanker”

As I said earlier a pure flankers game needs to measured by more than possessions.
It’s also learning when and where to go so your teammates involve you.


Noticed that too. Always appreciate the sillyness of having a crack at a player for softness from behind a keyboard and monitor but he legitimately looked worried. Life of a first/second year player I guess, don’t reckon he’ll be like that in a year or two.