#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


He should have passed the shot he had on goal to score, point, to Tippa who was clear in the goalsquare rather than attempt a miraculous shot, which was never going to do much, once that scrubbed into the deck.


Maybe it is a fixation of mine…because I’ve mentioned it as my concern for Redman…and as I think about it, it is a challenge for Langford…

Here goes - I just think that Begley lacks a little agility. Just that ability to really change direction and be explosive off the first step. It’s to be expected when you consider his chunkier frame.

I just feel like when he doesn’t have the ball, he doesn’t really look likely to catch an opponent. He hustles to put on pressure, but effecting a turnover never looks likely to me…that’s why, at this stage, I don’t think he is a lock as small forward.

I acknowledge his excellent skills with the ball, and that is what make him stand out as a quality prospect…somewhere on the field.


That’s not entirely true.

The nucleus of the Geelong side won a VFL flag together.


It’s true enough but I’ve barely ever seen him brought down in a tackle - he doesn’t need to change his line!


Looks like he’d kill it at mynt thursday.


If Raz where coming back in next week, he would be out of the side. But his not so he gets at least another week to try and cement his spot. Did a few good things, chased and had 5 tackles. Could have kicked 3 in the last quarter.

Green is a quality player though, and a better player then Fridge at the moment. Unless he plays the next couple of games better then Green fridge can develop his game in the VFL when Raz comes back.


5 of them - Bartel, Ablett, Johnson, Chapman & Kelly

no Scarlett, no ling, Mackie, Corey, Enright, etc etc.


So two Brownlows and two Norm Smiths


Nearly pull an all nighter, then get up, don the hi vis and get the two for one Mother can special. One for now, one for later.


It gets repeated a lot, but I think it’s wrong to suggest there was a grand plan to put them all through an extended spell in the VFL
Ablett (1st yr) was in seniors for the first half of the year then
Bartel (1st yr) was in seniors for the first half of the year, then VFL for most of the second.
Chapman (3rd yr) played seniors from round 10 to 22.
Johnson (1st year) played seniors for the second half of the year
Kelly (1st year) played seniors from round 9 on

Ie every single one of them played more seniors than VFL - they were just good enough to be included, and played enough to qualify, when the VFL side got through.



I guess from my perspective the VFL is not the poisoned chalice that some believe it to be.

A player like Begley I believe could learn a lot.

If we don’t see much improvement in the first few games that’s where I would send him. Not as punishment either.


“Mate, we’re sending you out to the branch office and docking your pay. Not as punishment, we just think it’ll be a good learning experience for you”

I don’t actually disagree, I just wanted to make that joke.


yeah, the money is a factor for a young payer.

Im confident he will be signing a big contract at some stage of his career.


Depending on one’s mindset, you could say that Langford having a fairly good game rnd 1 either proves he should have been in the 1’s every time, or that his time in the 2’s helped him get there.


Without the midfield time at VFL level I doubt he would have developed his game enough to make it.

Begley is similar in that he hasn’t had much midfield exposure even at U18 level.


Totally agree.


On the money @Killer_Mike

What’s been even more impressive than the handling of Langford is your form!!

Fmd you have been absolutely prolific of recent times!!! Sweating on posts like a fcukboy waiting on a paternity test!!



You know that Langers is my boy and Begley is not far behind.

Once Langers really kicks on I will be letting everybody know about it😊


You’ll have to stand behind me.


Mate I have been pumping him up for a long time😊
We can share him