#16 Josh “Fridge” Begley


He may.



One thing he’s got that not many others have…superb kick.


He can’t.


I watched Begley a lot at VFL level last year and I think it’s only a matter of time that he becomes a very good player.

He hunts the ball around packs and is clean with his hands and obviously his kicking is top notch.

The only question mark I would have is his ability to find the ball when playing on ball for extended periods but even then he was doing that in the latter part of his draft year.

I don’t think he’s the hardnut that some believe because of his size but more the modern prototype, inside/outside smooth mover.

Can’t see him breaking through next year though unfortunately. Coming off a knee and also competing with a deep midfield I think he will be either playing permanent mid at VFL level or the high half forward role at AFL level.

Can easily see him being a very good player in years to come though.


I don’t think he needs to be a mid to make it, he is a great size, nice overhead, tough, can run and he is a beautifully kick. Massive upside.


Would be great if he could play midfield, but I’m yet to see a game at AFL or VFL level where he has won much of the ball. What he does very well is kick the ball. Perhaps better than anyone in the team.


Yeah. Because the health funds love paying out for expensive, less effective surgery.

Hang on a second…


Yeah I don’t rate him as much as some on here simply because he doesn’t seem to have an ability to rack up the footy. And that despite having a very good engine. But he does have a few strings that you absolutely love in a player. Absolutely elite kicking to go with his big bodied aggressive contested style…a player type that you want in your team.

I think he can be a very good role player for us mainly because of his elite kicking. Either in the Stringer 3rd tall role or potentially as a high half forward who is the go to in delivering the ball inside 50 (like Melksham’s role now or even Adelaide’s Lynch). But still not sure how high his performance ceiling is given he seems the opposite of a ball magnet.


No reason he can’t develop in the midfield at vfl level. Even if it’s just to eventually become part time mid.


He’s played 8 games, he has shown some real skills, he has shown he has the talent, how about we let him develop a bit.


and he just turned 20 in July, so still a kid (well a big kid) and early days to find his spot. Agree with others above about his kicking being a weapon (stood out in his draft highlights video) and will be very useful playing in our forward half.


This is ridiculous. We want it now!! :rage:


You could use your description word for word to describe Setterfield.

Exact same situation. Technically Begley has shown more as an AFL player where as Setterfield showed more as a junior.

Would I trade Begley for Setterfield? Don’t know to be honest.


Has that been a suggestion? If we recruited setterfield it’s a recruitment for the next ten years, not just 2019

Setterfield is a level above begley based on his junior years though


It’s a really tough question, Begley was such a late comer to the draft that it’s hard to know where his talent compares. But not many people can come in and kick four in a half first game. So he is clearly way more talented than his draft postition suggest.

Setterfield was top 5 talent in a pretty good top end draft. Yet that’s based on limited junior draft year form and not much in the AFL so far.

Both are coming off of a knee reco.

Some would say on talent Setterfield has a higher ceiling, but after seeing Begley tear a game to shreds in a qtr a couple of times it’s hard to gauge.


Another way to look at it - would we take pick 19 for Begley? That’s the pick that is being discussed on what we would need to land Setterfield.


No we wouldn’t, because Begley doesn’t wish to leave.


That’s a different question. If somebody offered us 19 for Begley you can bet your life I’d be taking it.


The club knows Begley, the club likes Begley, the club thought Begley was a starting best 22 player in 2018. There is a need for What Begley brings to the team.

The club doesn’t know who pick 19 is. And when pick 19 gets turned into a player, there’s no guarantee he’ll be as good as Begley. Plus pick 19 will require 2 years + of development to catch up to Begley.

People over rate the value of draft picks and underplay the risks associated with them.


I’m talking about hypothetical, specifically using that pick to get somebody else.