#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


good luck to the kid


I rate mutch
Seen him at VFL level and reminds me a lot of Andy Gaff
always seems to find the ball on the outside.
hOWEVER, for those who have watched him more closely… is he a quick or more the slow type?


Stoked to hear the news. Best of luck.


I am not so sure when Woosha says he can be used inside and out, OK, at boundary throw ins. I have never seen him at a centre bounce, but as an outside mid OK, great to see him get a game.


He’s a Michael, oops Keiran, Sporn.






Did you mean Kieran Sporn? If so, I agree, He looks like him and plays like him. Similar build (long and lean), not overly quick and a good mark. He also plays wing, or has done in our VFL. I haven’t seen him play a midfield role at all, unless you call wing midfield. He doesn’t get close in at stoppages. However, the fact that he plays “outside” doesn’t mean he isn’t pretty hard in the contest. He is quite strong in tackling and standing up/holding his balance when tackled.

He seems to be equally at home kicking left or right, and does either one from marks. I think he has kicked right when taking set shots. but often left by choice after a mark in general play. He generally kicks short, and his kicking lacks a bit of penetration.


Really pleased to see him get a chance.


He’s one paced a bit like Stanton


Thrilled for Kobe.


Forgot that he supported the Bombers as a kid.

Dream realised mate. Well done!


Great for Kobe to finally get onto seniors field. He has got close but has has never even played a preseason game - he got sick the last time he was selected.


Very exciting for Kobe & his family- hope he has a fantastic game.


Correct, and working up and back to provide a release option in transition. He is what we need.


Good luck Kobe.

Show 'em you belong son.


Kobe “the sewer rat” Mutch we believe in you.


Plays like stanton
get around him


Donnington please