#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


Are the women going to be all over him as much as our last debutant?


It’s all about the eel


Slither in


Good on you Mutch, would rather us pump games into kids like him with potential then dinosaurs like Myers. Hopefully gets some early touches and has a good game.


Just because of this trait we should play him. Offers us something different, Myers, Heppell, Zerrett can get caught out because they have no right boot.


I hate the kid took Clarkes spot. Again no relation to my panic dollars.


I agree that it is great we have a player who can kick equally well off either foot. (Especially that we have so many that kick badly off their preferred).

But did you not hear that our coaching staff reportedly told him that he should not be proficient on either foot but concentrate on kicking with one?
(The same staff headed by the bloke that said our problem vs Freo was that Conor was too quick).


Please tell me this is not serious


It was reported and well discussed here last year. You may be able to find it back in the thread somewhere

Edit: and yes, Worsha did say our problem vs Freo was that Conor was too quick.


Good luck to the boy from Broken Hill. Hopefully another tough nut like his predecessor.


He is too quick… have you seen how slow everyone else is ?


It actually makes sense because one of the key knocks on his game is a lack of penetration with his kicking.
I rate the guy, but if he could develop a 50 metre pass ( and I don’t care which foot) he’d be even better.
Getting better with one foot doesn’t mean you forget how to kick with the other.
( Apologies to Heather Mills)

Good luck young fella


I was keen on this lad last year. Havent seen much too much of him this season, but he’ll run all day and get to contest after contest, and thats more than you can say some of our mids.



Yep… I’ve let the locals know he is playing. Be plenty of Broken Hill residents watching him run around on Sunday.

Good on you Kobe.


Plenty from the Mildura region claiming him too.


Good luck Kobe. Just play your role son.


Slither up just like a EEL upon a spiral staircase.


Excited to see him play. Have liked what I’ve seen


Just because I could


All i ever want is players to give their best. i have absolute faith Kobe will do that,as Guelfi has.