#19 Kobe "The Eel" Mutch


Where he was chasing Whitecross against the behinds where Whitecross just basically gathered and turned and snapped the easiest goal in his life and this bloke basically just watched as it happed as he had guessed that Whitecross would turn back goal side, that my friends was the first signs that Kobe is slowly but surely being Essingtoned.

Has a lot of potential but we will ruin him.


Joe should be sent to the VFL for trying to claim Mutchs first ever goal in the black and red.

First of many hopefully!


another decent game but that was a brainfade and a half, of course he would spin that way, the other way tis the boundary you n umpty

fits perfectly in our terrible decision making gameplan


His goal was probably the only highlight of the match


Players, even the best ones, make mistakes in games. You can spend your life highlighting them or you can look at their whole game and make comment about that. His overall game was good, he is showing something and he looks like he might develop well given a chance.


Must say the vision i saw on afl 360 of only 3 players going to him when he kicked his 1st goal was pretty spiritless.

And we’d just hit the lead.


You’ll wear that in a second gamer. Kids are going to make simple errors and you just have to put up with it until they get the experience


Absolutely disgraceful vision. It was embarrassing to watch.


You could say that about most of our games this season.


Total garbage, the guy was stoked and went for a run soccer style. I’ve never seen a bloke so happy. At the game I saw him run past several of our players giving high fives and topped it off with giving a dorks player a good old fashioned thump. Kobe was clearly very happy about it and we should be pleased about it too. Not everyone wants to hug people, it’s not Masterchef.


Played quite well today, I thought. Passes short and safe but that’s to be expected. Got himself positioned well in the forward press plenty of times. I hope we keep giving him games.


Disposal makes me nervous.


He’s no star but an honest bugger. Wish we had more like him


Really liked a couple of his marks. Has a go.


Thought he was good.


Thought he was good.

Has a natural inside/outside game and can develop into a handy player.


Gives a lot of effort and tries to win.

Out - Mutch


IMO…there’s enough evidence now to confirm my fears: he is too slow to play as an outside midfielder at senior level.

Should just be learning how to be a clearance midfielder at VFL level.


hope im wrong, but I reckons he offers a serious AFL club not mutch.


I understand to a degree what you are saying but Gaff and Scully are the best wings in the game and neither are fast.

He’s clean in possession and can play a contested style of football.