#19 Shaun Edwards

Did a couple of searches and couldn’t find a thread in the hangar for this guy.

There was a reasonable amount of ‘pre-season’ hype about Shaun especially with McLeod’s comments, but he was unable to crack the senior team this year. I’m a bit disappointed we didn’t get to see him in the afl.

So what are expectations for next year? Who is he competing with for a spot? I don’t want to write off a player I’ve never seen play, but I would have thought next year is a make of break year for him? Is that fair?

I don't want to write off a player I've never seen play, but I would have thought next year is a make of break year for him? Is that fair?

No, if for no other reason than because he has two more years left on his contract. Offering him a 3 year contract was one of the ways we ended up beating the Crows out for his services.

Should have done some research, cheers enki.

We've developed our younger players well over the last few years, not giving them a workload that they're not capable of shouldering. Heppell played off the HBF over the first 2/3 years and has graduated into the midfield more recently. Joe Daniher wasn't tried til about 3 months into his career. I have faith that the selection committee and the coaches know what they're doing with our young talented players. 

Banking on this kid for outside speed next year. Would make a fantastic wingman.

I was really hoping Shauny could break into the seniors this year. Showed some real talent in the VFL and looks to be an exciting prospect. I really hope he gets a shot at senior level next year. I can't think of any reasons why he hasn't yet got a game, however a mate of mine has a friend with friends from the Giants who supposedly said he was lazy. I honestly don't know how valid that information is, but lazy trainers have struggled to get into the seniors before, it's not uncommon. If it is true, then let's hope he lifts and has a big pre-season, because I am sure he has a lot to offer.



From the few VFL games I saw, his skill and flair were great but he certainly needs to improve the defensive side of his game. Given the focus on defence, I'm not surprised he didn't get a go this year.


I hope he has a big preseason that allows him to play more midfield time and hopefully have a crack at AFL level. Plenty of talent to work with.

Play him.

Could be that player with the dash that we need. Still would like him to do more work in the VFL based on the many games I saw him play this year. Took mark of the vfl year in front of DJR & I. Could become valuable in 2015 if he works hard enough. 

Thought he played brilliantly in the VFL this year.

His second half of the year was a lot more promising than his first? Am I correct in saying that?

His second half of the year was a lot more promising than his first? Am I correct in saying that?

I believe so. Most of the games I saw were in the first half of the year and he seemed preoccupied with positioning and tactical setups (including telling everyone else where to stand, lol) over getting the actual pill. Which I didn't mind, to me it indicated a willingness to work on the demands of modern footy. It sounds like his second half of the year it all started coming together for him. The constant switching from defense to forward etc suggests good versatility. I think an apprenticeship year in the Vfl meeting the requirements of Bomber et al can only have been a good thing.

Would love for him to debut against the Blues and play in the final - we lacked spark and run at the end of both our last 2 games and Edwards' X Factor may have supplied what we sorely needed.

This guy needs to work on his physicality. It’s a mile off AFL standard. He might have the talent and the athletic ability, but if he’s not prepared to put his body on the line for his teammates, his time as an AFL footballer will be short lived.

prob ask for a trade

Super athlete but lacks intensity. He's worth putting a lot of time and effort into because his upside is huge.  

Well we need everything he's got. so I'm really hoping to hear some preseason reports that he's flying.


You see ehat Brad Hill/Isaac Smith offer the Hawks, that's what we need.............

Hes just had shoulder surgery according to his Instagram account.