2 Andrew Stephens 16 Brendan Hosking 25 Shaun Ryan and making sense of their destruction


This guy would make a better umpire


So they drop them in 2 weeks time, so it doesn’t look like they had a poor performance or the football public don’t influence the decision.

They are honestly pathetic.


i see these vids pop up on my recommended list all the time, who the fark are all these people watching some random Americans reacting to AFL???


IDK this is the first time I’ve seen/watched one, was curious how they;d react to the poor umpiring


Because the general level of umpiring has been getting worse and worse and I want the AFL to finally acknowledge that they have to do something about it. Honestly, I have never heard commentators going on about bad decisions by the umpires as much as this season. I want it to reach a tipping point.


There’s absolutely going to be unconscious bias, but it’s far more likely to be towards or against individuals than clubs.


Anyone know if umps ever officiate more than one game a round?

Eg. Does say a Thurs night game and also Sunday game?

I know they clock up big kilometres on game day running wise so not sure if back up from that quickly.


I love it when foreigners try to get their head around our game.

I have some international friends and all of them love our game but they say that there is no way you can market it because of the rules.

It takes a good few years to understand all the idiosyncrasies of the game.


I once met 3 umpires (all AFL/VFL level) & was surprised that all of them stated they barracked for the Dogs claiming that like umpires they were the underdogs. It was no surprise to me that the 2016 Grand final was the most biased I’ve ever seen. Given that that vast majority of people wanted to see the dogs win (me included) & fark Sydney with their AFL handouts, that GF wasn’t heavily scrutinised. WB were plus 112 free kicks for the year - the highest I could find going back to 2003.

The other shining example of blatant bias is of course WC. They have received a whopping 919 more free kicks over the last 16 seasons than they have conceded. Thats nearly double their nearest rival & for comparison we are minus 166. Our best season overall for free kick differential was 2016 so you can’t possibly make the case that better sides get the frees.


2016 confirmed for me that the umpires are directed by the AFL to manipulate results.

They couldn’t afford for one of their biggest audiences to drop off completely.


or they felt sorry for the patched up side and gave us a… better rub of the green


You only have to talk to average Joe in the street to realise the effect that the Saga has had on Essendon’s brand and the resentment held towards the club. Do you honestly think that it would have no impact on how an umpire also feels towards us?


People that think it’s important Americans like us.


You’d think being closer to the saga than the average joe they’d have some level of empathy.

My take on it will always be the afl fkd it all up then told everyone else you’d better help cover our sr$e otherwise look for another job.


I’ve watched a fair few of these sort of vids. Honestly I just like seeing foreigners realise just how incredible our game is.


The average Joe on the street doesn’t care about the saga anymore.

If anything will impact umpiring this week it will be the booing from last week.

“Let’s really stick it up them Essendon supporters”


youve probably hit the nail on the head there.


They only get paid $2000 per game? That’s super stingy.


I’d like to see finding nino explain it to them with his diagrams. Now that would be interesting.


The “best” umpires are on $150K plus, all up.