2 Andrew Stephens 16 Brendan Hosking 25 Shaun Ryan and making sense of their destruction


Will be interesting to see fcfc’s response to the umpiring… Will the follow up publically or behind closed doors.


Someone needs to tell that bin chicken that the goal post isnt a wheelie bin.


^^^^ Or the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


these carts have cost us 2 games now with their farrked up non decisions

AFL great Dermott Brereton whacks the AFL Tribunal system and the prior opportunity rule


(** nb. I put MRP related part in that thread)


And while I am on the “I just don’t get it” rant, when did the “no prior opportunity” rule give players permission to simply drop the ball?

Please, please, please let’s just do away with this rubbish.

At the very least, can we halve the amount of time allowed to dispose of the ball?

I know people will say, “You have to encourage the players to go for the ball.”

But that is shortsighted idiocy.

You cannot win the game if you don’t have the ball. You can’t kick a goal if you don’t have the ball.

That should be encouragement enough.

Where is the AFL’s holding the ball rule at? Picture: Phil Hillyard

And if you feel you are about to be tackled as soon as you touch the footy, perhaps you can simply knock it on like Richmond’s Shai Bolton and Jack Higgins did against Fremantle last Sunday.

Actions of brilliance that resulted in a Tigers score.

Players in trouble and or looking to waste time will professionally handball to a teammate under pressure now, knowing that he will be automatically tackled.

The umpire will call for a ball up because the player had “no prior opportunity”.

It is a blight on our game. It is an impediment in our rules that invites congestion and slow play.

Tackling is an art and should be rewarded when done correctly.

After hearing AFL boss Gillon McLachlan talk of wanting umpires to have a feel for the game last weekend, perhaps they can feel for the game when a player is not really making a true attempt to dispose of the ball when tackled.

If every tackled player must dispose of the ball by hand or foot correctly regardless of their time in possession, the task of umpiring will become so much clearer and, therefore, easier. Really, there is no other solution.

It worked during the ’70s, ’80s and 90s. Players adapted then, they will adapt now. <


Glouftsis the latest umpire to be dropped

Sam McClureMay 15, 2019 — 6.02pm

Eleni Glouftsis has become the latest field umpire to be dropped by the AFL in the wake of poor performances.

The Age understands Glouftsis will umpire in the VFL this week, following a string of poor decisions, including two crucial errors in the St Kilda versus West Coast clash last Saturday night, which resulted in two goals to the Eagles.

Eleni Glouftsis.

Eleni Glouftsis.AAP

Head of umpiring Grant Williams and head coach Hayden Kennedy have addressed the issue with Glouftsis and are understood to have been supportive and educational in their approach.

With very few injuries to speak of and a squad of 34 to pick from every week, Glouftsis isn’t the only umpire to be demoted this season.

David Harris, who had umpired 116 games up until the start of this season, and Andrew Mitchell (112 matches) are two other officiators who have been noticeably dropped this season after a string of poor performances.

Glouftsis went into this season with just 16 games under her belt.

As the game’s most criticised faction, umpires have been under increased scrutiny this season.

They were booed off the ground after a contentious last quarter between Collingwood and Essendon, with senior umpires feeling they were let down by the AFL because of the league’s refusal to speak up in support of the game’s adjudicators.

Gloutftsis was not one of the umpires at the MCG on Anzac Day.

AFL umpires have also been at the centre of the Dane Rampe debate, with umpires choosing not to pay a free kick against the Sydney co-captain for climbing the post in the dying stages of last Friday’s win over Essendon.

League boss Gillon McLachlan later defended the umpires and said they officiated with common sense.

Rampe was also fined $10,000($5000 of which was suspended) for saying to an umpire that they sounded “like a little girl” during the second quarter against the Bombers.

However, the rift between senior umpires and the AFL football department continues to grow, with some of the most senior umpires in the game believing they don’t receive enough public support from inside league headquarters.

Despite McLachlan’s defence of them on the weekend, league football boss Steve Hocking has remained silent on the issue.


Are they serious given the Rampe debacle with the AFL supporting them.


So an umpire doesn’t know the rules yet they want public support.


probably a hug as well


I wonder what umpiring debacle will happen this weekend?


She umpires like a little girl


The umpires deserve the same amount of public support the AFL afforded the Essendon 34.


What a joke, humourous actually, the first umpire to go - a woman. I’m screaming sexism. (tho’ she may have had a very off day.)

How about all the dud umpires who are men, not a word from Gil and his boys , poor little diddums criticism is not good for them and they don’t like it. Someone had to go and be made an example of right??? Ah they are real comics this lot.


She is a truly dreadful umpire.

Disgracefully rubbish at her job.


And sadly, SHE is not the only one unless the rest are all invisible.


It is screaming sexism as 2 x male umps have been dropped but they are only mentioned in passing. And, yes, one of them was an ANZAC day one. He would/should be the bigger story.


Given the majority of senior umps are merely Gil’s puppets influencing games accordingly they aren’t going to get criticised.

You cannot tell me the Pies continually get ‘rub of the green’ for any other reason than corrupt umps


My apologies fellas. I wonder if that was done to shut everyone up or because the AFL were seriously worried about the standard of umpiring? 'Cos I’m still confused how about the GAJ one?


I saw this come up and thought o/m/g they have picked Stephens / Hosking / Ryan for the Freo match.

But it seems the AFLUA site releases umpire appointments at the same time as the teams, hoping to slip under the radar like a stealth bomber.

Lets hope we slip under both the Freo and Umpires radar and bag the 4 points on Sat-dy night.


I will give 1 bitcoin to anyone who bricks Shaun Ryan in his lying incompetent ■■■■■■■ head.