$2 pies tonight (also Game Day Thread vs FCFC, 2020 round 13)

These 3 points are the big points of differences between us and the Blooos. They are playing handicapped, and it is clear that this has been hampering their performances. So what has changed? Nothing. Therefore l expect their performances, or lack of them, to continue to reflect the above points.

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I’m really worried about this game. If ever there was a game where FC were going to come out and play harder than they have all year, this is it. They hate us, and they have been goaded beyond belief by the media all this week, with every single commentator having a say about how they’ve got fantastic talent and have woefully underperformed. So they are going to be super fierce.

Overall, we have the players to match them, but there are some we can’t match. We don’t have anyone with anything like the size and strength to go with Harry McKay. Ridley is a physical match for Curnow, but Curnow has been in fantastic form apart from his kicking. We get 2MP back, but he’s on one of the best defenders in the league in Weitering, and he’ll need to be in really top form to make an impact.

I think we can win this, and it’s about time we beat these bastards, but we’ll have to produce our best four quarters of the year to do it.







First MCG game this year for me, and hopefully first grog squad.

I hate FC with a passion. Let’s destroy these farkers.


I’m a bit the opposite with this one. To date we have well and truly exceeded expectations: The top 3 of last years best and fairest out for good parts, our best mark and straightest shooter absent on the eve of the season, and plenty of injuries. To be sitting 6th and pushing for a top 4 position is really inconceivable to most astute neutral observers. On the other hand Carlton are a disgrace; turmoil, disfunction, a complete embarrassment.

If we do happen to come up short tonight, it’s hardly the end of the world. Great inroads have already been made and one ‘off game’ will not undermine that. The ‘enemy’ is hardly likely to be gloating after their flakey season.

I hope we win and win well but the inner-glow of a much better season than expected will not be diminished in my mind if we don’t get up tonight.


Your balanced and nuanced view of our current situation has no place on BBlitz. Then again casting around there is probably nowhere else for it either.

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No No No


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Fark Carlton and fark pies, I’m going for the beers and a $19 cold fish and chips.


I sort of agree with most of what you say, but games against FC are special. Also Collingwood. It feels extra good when we win and extra bad when we lose – and we’ve lost a lot to both of them recently.

To date the season has been better than expected, but a loss tonight would take a lot of the gloss off. We lost to bloody Collingwood with a shameful collapse in the last quarter. A loss to FC would be equally bitter.


Add the $6 sauce packet?

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Last week’s high intensity game should have us well prepared to deal with FC’s early pressure to begin tonight’s game.

If we can withstand their early onslaught, they’ll drop their heads very quickly.

We owe these ■■■■■, especially after last year’s 150th anniversary game. I hope BDB has been reminding the players all week about that pathetic performance, and the chance to make amends tonight.

I’m fkn nervous as hell. I don’t care if we Essington our way to a win, but just ■■■■■■■ beat these ■■■■■

Come to the GS ■■■■


Should be fine to rock up tonight and get a GA standing room ticket, yeah?

I also believe this to be the case, but we know Essendon will run out the game to the end.

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Keeping our options open for the main course this evening.

F that. I’m smuggling in a bottle of tomato sauce. That $6 can go towards half another beer

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