$2 pies tonight (also Game Day Thread vs FCFC, 2020 round 13)

All I need is hot chips.

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4 pies!

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They better not run out of pies!

Please win.

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Nothing beats the sausage sizzle put on in Darwin for the Dreamtime match up there during covid year. That should be everywhere. Gold coin.


Does Carlton have a good fourth quarter effort? Have they come from a fair way behind to win it?
Asking for a friend.

Their last quarters aren’t bad and they are 50/50 in the last quarter but they haven’t come from behind at 3/4 time time to win any game. They got a draw against Richmond from 5 points down and that’s it


Stringer had a mini fitness test before main training
Redman and others on light duties and Mcgrath was in a non contact hat at training

Wonder if there’s a late out


Hopefully we’re not the team that lets Carlton go on a scoring spree tonight. Keep them where they’ve been for months now with no more then around 11 goals for the game.

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$2 Pies?


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First live game of the year for me.
Catching up with two lifelong friends - first time we’ll have been together the three of us for about twenty years.
One Carlton - One Essendon.
Carlton one is bringing his son - so 2 all!

Main issue is my kids have been sick for the past 3 days.
High fevers - 39.9 the other night and we ended up calling the ambos.
Last night they hit 39.5 and today they are around the 39 mark.
Vomiting as well - so lots of washing.

Other issue is that I am struggling to stay awake after about 6 hours sleep in 3 days and it’s a 1.5 hours drive.

What to do….


Whats this rumour about Stringer, RedDog and Mcgrath possible outs??

FWIW Scooter said one of Kelly, Phillips and Wanganeen has a bug/flu.

So essentially we’re holding two back which is usual.


Is Montgomerie playing vfl?

From Cleary because we’ve taken 3 players out of the VFL team

Unwell apparently.

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Surely not tex as Kelly/Phillips would be the strangest choice of subs

Tex isnt sick, Tudor confirmed he was held back for the seniors


Considering it was reported yesterday that only Phillips and Tex trained with the seniors at the captains run, I think it points to Kelly being the one that’s unwell.

I’d stay home, nothing worse than driving when tired, let alone a cold stadium.

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