$2 pies tonight (also Game Day Thread vs FCFC, 2020 round 13)

$10 = 5 Pies.

Wrong thread.

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Tough one, but have to go with health and family first mate.
Sounds like you’re feeling fatigued anyway. Bang the TV on and order some take out and watch us go to work on these ■■■■■■.

If we get up, you’ll feel elated and have those depleted energy levels surge up. You can then contact your mates, especially the Blues ones and tell them you’re hitting the town and getting on the ■■■■ to celebrate.

That’s when you sync this banger to your playlist and put it on repeat. Or go one step further and get the venue you hit to slam it on the big speakers:


“Let’s start from zero, yeah? Let’s establish our game, through being connected, ruthless in the contest and playing our way.”

“Play in our forward half, and I guarantee we’ll get the game on our terms.”

“We’re going to play it in our half. Still bring the freedom though, bring your flair. Still need that individual brilliance, within the system, yeah?”

“Let’s celebrate every little win. Lift your teammate off the ground, celebrate the spoils, celebrate the chases, celebrate the tackles, celebrate the half wins, let’s have a good night, yeah? Let’s go!”


My 10 year old came up to me and asked what team I hate losing to the most. I said Cats. He said I hate losing to Carlton. The kids going to be alright.


The build up to the Carlton game is always excruciating. And I hate being touted as the favourites, it never sits comfortably. I just want a professional performance tonight. Doesn’t need to be a resounding win, just 4 points will do.


Bus replacements between Caulfield and Richmond. Not off to ripper start.

Essendon $1.01. We’ve got this.
Players know we’re faves and have become complacent.
We should be able to just rock up tonight and get the 4 points.
It’s Carlton, they’re ■■■■. No preparation required.

The AFL’s official corruption partners have it at $1.90 for both teams. But please, do your weak-arse rant.


Got General Admission away access tonight. Reckon more bombers fans in the southern stand or ponsford?

God this game is so late. I’m over it already and it hasn’t started.

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I assume grog squad is still behind M2-M3 like old days?

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Yeah what’s wrong with 2pm FFS!?

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Hoping for an underdog victory. :sweat_smile:


lets go underdogs!

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Carltons form must be good considering we have won last 3 and sitting 6th entering the round.
Bookies not respecting us im cool with that.

Tex out there with Snelling having a kick now.


Any Stringer and Reddog sighting would be appreciated.


The driver of the price isn’t the bookies judgement. Obviously some coin has gone on Carlton today.

Tex will be sub. Phillips the emergency and Kelly just being sick is what I think is happening.

Hope no one else is playing tonight sick