#2 Tom Bellchambers


Well, I guess I have to pay that.

Chances are you've said same about every player in every thread, but still.




You smarty pants!!

Good pick though. I was on the Leuenberger train until the last month or so.


As someone who has backed T Bell I've got a pretty freakin big grin now. And I think he might be converting a few to my argument he's a pretty good forward.


For whom the Bell tolls!


Most important thing he did.


good call by you (tm)


Him and Zaha for mine.
Dat rebuild.


The question is not whether BSD liked TBC, it's whether he didn't like Leuey.

I was firmly in the "they're both a bit sucky so why not try TBC" camp. Leuey looks 4 years older this season than last.


Biggest asset from the weekend was his physicality. That was as intense and physical as I have ever seen from him. We need that every week from him. He really set the standard and as a big strong ruckman he should.


If he could only get rid of the McKernan Family syndrome...when he's good, he's very good, when he's bad, he may as well not be there.

Someone on the field needs to clip him behind the lughole to fire him up when he drifts off.


The problem is you are too positive BDS. I have it on good authority that we need be more negative and stop focusing on the positive. All this positivity has rubbed off on the players and we can't have that.


Yeah everything's just tickety boo in his world.

Bloodstained_Devils....nah...he should change his name to Strawberry Shortcake or Pollyanna if you ask me.



If he can keep up the physicality he will become a lot more consistent. Even if he is having an off day he can still use his big body in the clearances, tackle, and make it very hard for the opp.


One of the commentators was saying he should be good because he was pick 8.

Don't they realise that the PSD is a consolation prize?


I heard that, and I've heard them talk about him being the no8 pick in other games too. They need to update their info page on him. Otherwise I'm sure we'll hear it again, and for some reason it annoys me


Maybe a change of avatar will do it:


I'm thinking this one might be more appropriate.



Best game I've seen him play. Fantastic hit outs to advantage, physical presence and almost agility in the scrum, and a contested mark in the goal square.