#2 Tom Bellchambers πŸ›Ž


Ragdolling is elite at the moment.


Wow, didn’t see this in him to be honest. What a difference he has made to our team. Well done Tommy, he is a real weapon.


I like Luey, but very much a one trick pony.


I assume Goldstein is travelling well for the roos? Have not followed them at all this season.

Will really enjoy belly taking on the challenge.


Nup, he’s been struggling. They would probably have dropped him for preuss but for the fact they want to keep his trade currency up IMO


This is career best form for mine. CAREER BEST.


Without a doubt


Goal kicking ruckman. So flaming dangerous.


The scud look suits him, mongrel.


β– β– β– β– β– β– β–  love how he gets stuck into the opposition, also this hickey fellow, is he an AFL listed player or just a top up?


Mouthy prick, too :smile:


I reckon he’s worked on his strength in his year off. He is so much more stronger and almost has a Mummy like presence.

He rag dolled Hickey. Loved that play where instead of going for the tap he his held his ground pushed off Hickey and then kicked the ball forward.

Is a beast and what a luxury it is to have Looney as back up ruck.


I’d simplify it and say, he realised how big he actually is and now wants to hurt the opposition.


He’d get more β– β– β–  than a toilet seat


If you see him at the ground, he is massive. Much bigger and more aggressive than I ever thought he would be. Lets hope he stays injury free and has a good shot at it.


8 goals 1 from set shots this year.


Just reading some of the truly awful comments made about this bloke about two years in this thread. Should be a congaline of suckholes issuing mea culpas.


Is the big Russian still our ruck coach?


He’s 200cm, isn’t he?
I swear JoeDan is 2 or 3 cm taller.


Talk is cheap, as are talkers.