#2 Tom Bellchambers 🛎


I disagree that Joe being out of our forward line for 40% of the game, is a good thing.

If you’re picked to ruck these days, you ruck the majority of the game out, and if you can’t, you bring in somebody who can.

I prefer TBell over Looney, but the gap isn’t that large, and Tommy is clearly struggling atm.


I tend to agree re: Joey.

maybe 70/30? Jacobs was excellent against Ryder on the weekend. Maybe Natrat can steal a little time to ease the load?


He’s having a quiet patch but not sure I’d drop/rest him. We will have two forced changes when Zerrett cops his week and that’s without doing anything with Watson/Colyer/Howlett. Plus it’s not as if Luey has been smashing the door down.


Give him a rest for a week. So he can really ramp it up for the final few games

Let Loony come in and throw everything at Jacobs for a week


I can’t wait for a week full of “ermahgerd you can’t drop Leuy after one game just because TBell is ready again!!!111” posts.


Isn’t playing well but he is our best option ATM


Joe can’t have been much ruck relief given he had just two hitouts…


Really really need him to stand up this week against the form ruckman of the AFL. Needs to get back to the form of a few weeks ago if we are a chance.


Anyone know details of the foot injury? Given Belly’s history there, I’m a bit worried.


Yeah, I only just realised it was yet another foot injury.

Pretty much the last thing he needed, hopefully it’s unrelated to his previous issues.


I’m taking some comfort from the fact that he’s been pretty ordinary for the last two weeks. If the reason that he’s been off is because he’s been carrying a niggle that’s gotten worse, then you’d like to think that the club would have been smarter than risking him if it’s related to his previous injuries.


In Crow we trust.


We have the burger. She’ll be right.


Regardless of his ankle/foot, the week off couldn’t come at a better time.


Foot stomped on last week, thus given the week off.
Expected to return this week. Which is good, cause Berger copped a kick to the archilles and isn’t likely to come up.


Explains why Joe did so much ruck work last week and looked in exhausted when took that mark and missed that goal in Q4.


So, presumably the foot is fine. Phew.


Wow, this is how long since I’ve checked into this thread. Shamwow.


Needs a big game Belly. Needs to be at his ferocious ball wanting best these next 2 weeks if we are to make finals.


The rucks he is up against are not much chop. Brooksby from GC and Darcy from Freo.

I hope Belly slips forward on occasion and punishes them on the scoreboard.