#2 Tom Bellchambers ๐Ÿ›Ž


Sean Darcy is a very good young ruck.


I thought he was one of 3-4 really good players for us today. Really worked hard, presented well (ignored sometimes) and played a really good game.


Outstanding today. Lost all our momentum whenever he went away from the ruck


His best game in 3 years.


If he doesnโ€™t play today I reckon we lose.

Thatโ€™s how good he was.

Thatโ€™s how bad we were.


Really really good ruckmanโ€™s game from beachcomber


big marks


doing it all


Some of the best precision tap work Iโ€™ve ever seen from him.

Bringing back the old Jeff White โ€œPunch it forwardโ€ was a neat trick, too.

Heโ€™s very, very important for us in these finals. The stage is set for big Tommy.


Superb from Tommy. Not just the tapwork either. Some crucial marks too.


I reckon he could give us a chance vs sydney. Absolutely brilliant yesterday


Hun Stats show 38 hitouts, and 16 to advantage. His opponent , very few to advantage. I guess thats how we managed to beat the much vaunted Freo midfield by about 10 clearances. Jobe was very good s well.


Iโ€™m changing my nickname for him for the finals to โ€œthe keyโ€.


How about the centre โ€˜tapโ€™ towards Colyer on the edge of the square!


Fumbles did receive a lot of good taps.


I thought he was best on ground. He single handedly got us back on top when Freo got a run on. In the 3rd quarter it was something like 8 clearances to 0. Belly started tapping the ball wider, and got us first use, his ruckwork was first class. Not only that he got involved in the play with some important handballs and body work.

Merret was very good also, but it was Belly who got us back on top.


Career best form. Who would have picked that?


definitely not me I wanted him delisted at start of year

Very very happy to be proven wrong

Watching the replay he was clearly one of the main reasons we won, tapwork was brilliant and is getting involved in contested clearances as well

the handball on his knees to Zerrett to kick it from 50, just beautiful


Amazing what heโ€™s capable of when he gets the body right. Been very important in a lot of our wins. Especially those against Port, Saints and this week against Freo.


No idea.


You wonโ€™t need to knock the Bell when you have โ€œThe Keyโ€!


Said a while ago I think he is our barometer. When he has played really well we have won very well. He is vital against Sydney. Good on him very pleased because I didnโ€™t see it coming but well done Belly.