#2 Tom Bellchambers πŸ›Ž


No doubt about this.


I am super impressed with his year but he is not our barometer. He has played very well the past two weeks, but as a team we have been nothing but average since the Saints game.


How β– β– β– β– β– β–  good was this guy tonight?

Was arguably the biggest factor in us playing as well through the middle as we did.

Kicked a massive goal and held Jacobs in check all night long.

Has an entire season like that and he is AA. Simple.


Great start. Keep it coming.





credit to @westozziebomber for pointing out earlier in the week how important it was that he had a big game to give our mids a chance


TBC as good as you’ll see.


Hugely important for us, a great game




Loved his game, loved his aggression.


He was BOG in the first half for me. Amazing what a good pre-season can do. He looks fit, he threw himself around at marking contests, kicked a lovely long goal in the 1st term. Overall a very good game from Belly.




If he can keep that type of performance up our midfield has a chance of becoming a winning combination


Some absolutely beautiful tap work from TBell. And our mids made the most of a lot of them. Was great to watch.


Seemed to have a good connection with Zaka, obviously been working on it a fair bit


Best game he’s played in a while against a quality ruckman. IMO Jacobs should’ve won a couple AA jumpers, a key to their midfield & Tommy stood up. Needs to maintain the rage.


Has gone past Loonyberger


His goal sparked the momentum. After that it was obvious that he was attacking his role with plenty of confidence. His aggression was well directed as well. Only good things can come from more performances like this.


I feel as if you are a bit late to the party on this one.


TBC’s issue has always been backing-up his performances. He’ll put in a big one, then follow it up with a total howler. I’m keen to see how he goes this week. He’s such an important player for us, and a big year from him will go a LONG WAY to deciding our fortunes in 2018.