#2 Tom Bellchambers πŸ›Ž


Probably in doubt for next week


Why’s that?


He’s like our 5th or 6th oldest player isn’t he?


Coaches video said he played out the game with a saw calf.


Sore calf huh…

Sam Draper anyone?


Might explain the 45 HO’s to 1 mark and 3 kicks for the game.

Thought something didn’t add up there.


I liked when about 19 GWS players surrounded and jumper-punched him, and he just laughed.

Plus, every year he looks more and more like Mark Bradtke. Needs the late 80s mullet to complete the look.


Do you mean a saw horse?




First thing i thought when they said he did a calf was-



Brilliant game as a ruckman against highly rated opponent. By the end of the game Nankervis was his β– β– β– β– β– .


Kudos to this bloke. He is in ripping form. Easily BOG for mine last night. Towelled Nankervis. Not his fault that our players cleared the ball & kicked it consistently to their spare defenders in our forward line. Having a great season, Belly.


hope he’s alright, had ice on his calf at the end of the game


He is one of the players the bye should help immensely


The tapwork on this bloke.

It’s absolutely elite atm.


Looks absolutely spent. Don’t reckon he backs up too well from game to game and needs a spell after a block of matches.


In fairness Stef Martin is an aerobic beast for a ruck. Belly would have been run around the ground all day


Same problem at 3/4 time against the tigers. Is clearly playing with tight calves. Its stopping him from jumping . The bye has come just in time.


The thing is, he’s actually never been great at it, until this season

Do we have a ruck coach? Who’s been teaching him? You don’t just suddenly start being that good at it 10 years into your career


Mark Jamar still involved at the club?