#2 Tom Bellchambers 🛎


I think it’s a pretty simple scenario.

  • Delist Looney.
  • Give TBell a 2 year extension
  • if they are confident that Draper is going to be ready to be the backup ruck for next year they can replace Looney with a youngster to develop. If they aren’t confident about Draper for next year, then they might go for a more mature replacement for Looney.
  • re NewLAV, where they see him might also affect the above decision. Eg. If they see him as a ruck, then they probably don’t even need to get a replacement for Looney. If they see him as a forward or a defender then they will need the Looney replacement.


In the spirit of Finding Nino, I’m trading Leuy to Geelong for Mitch Duncan.

They desperately need another ruckman and we just don’t tell them he was drafted in ‘06 (very high too - pick 4?)


Agree with Leuny finishing up.
Will still need “a break glass in case of emergency” ruck in case both Belly and Draper are hurt.
New Lav a long way off.

Didn’t we give a few games to potential rucks in the VFL early on?
Smart to give them just a game or two, then stash them away for pick 70 odd if so.
There’s always the State League options too.
Drafting an 18 yr old, unless outstanding, is a three to four year punt.

There’s always Million Dollar Baby too - his annual wages should be manageable by next year and the Dogs are a push over at trade time.


Luenberg delisted at years end bar any serious injuries to TBell. Mckernan stays on the list as a forward/ruck option, Draper and Lavendar.


He wouldn’t come cheap but I wonder if Peter wright could be a full time ruck?

Scott lycett is a FA but imagine he would be more likely to go home to SA.


Bellchambers is manged week to week. He hardly trains (one session) during the week during the season.

Him pulling up sore after the game on Sunday is normal.


You wouldn’t be referring to
by any chance Willie?


You’d be giving up a lot for a guy to play a position that he has never played before; having said that we need a FF


I’d like to know what @scotty21 thinks of this


Didnt even refer to him properly



Round 2 last year: 42 hitouts, 23 disposals, 5 marks, 8 inside 50s, 8 clearances and a brownlow vote to Martin

I think McKernan’s more use (in the ruck) against the lumbering guys, where he’s actually got something to his advantage: lose the ruck, but beat them at ground level.

playing on someone like Martin, they beat him in the ruck, then again when it hits the deck.

If you’re going to play Draper, you play him in the ruck.


I think we DFA another ruck, or rookie some delisted guy.




Agree. I wouldn’t bother drafting one. Just pick up a guy from another club who isn’t getting a game and wants a fresh start


Preuss ain’t getting a game


Agree on the Draper comment, but I wouldn’t play him as the lone ruck in his first game.

I’ll cop that on Martin, didn’t check the last time they played head to head. Bad call by me!


Draper is just not ready.


The Smack thing is kinda counter intuitive. To make the most of his strengths you have to expose his biggest weakness.
He’s more chance of playing well in the ruck than anywhere else, he takes a good mark as a forward but he’d be lost most of the time.


Wouldn’t mind having a bet on Preuss being at Geelong next year.


Depends what they offer I reckon. Doubt he’d go anywhere just to be back up. He’d want the main gig imo.