#2 Tom Bellchambers πŸ›Ž


Is baulderstone still rolling


I heard he’s a bit of a sisyphean


Ricky Mott?


I guess that makes him a complete liability against top ruckman like Gawn or Grundy who are good at both areas of the game.


Geelong have got a massive ruck-sized hole. Stanley is a 6’8” winger, Smith is β– β– β– β– β– .


Geelong would be the best fit, and would make that midfield even scarier.

Preuss Selwood Ablett Dangerfield Duncan


Agree absolutely. But as I said, I think they’d have to offer him the main gig.


Steady as a rock


TBC does carry something (foot? calf?) and has done for a long time. Both of the last 2 pre seasons he has only joined in full training late in the piece, so whatever it is, it is probably long term. It could be an ongoing issue with the foot fracture he had (around 2014?) like a hotspot continually flaring with use.
I thought he looked unusually sore at the end of the Brisbane game. There was ball up late (maybe 2-5mins left) where the cameras caught him on the ground wincing in pain as the ball left the centre. He spent the next couple of minutes hobbling. I’m hoping he is no worse than normal.



That’s been his formline so far!


Was terrific last night. Probably in the most consistent form of his career in a UFA year. No wonder Geelong is coming hard for him.


He won’t go anywhere. Nor would we let him, club would know his worth.

Been terrific for us this year


In career best form of late.


Been a critic of TBC over the years. I’m putting my hand up to acknowledge a really consistent and significant block of form for the big man. Would be wonderful if his body allowed him to have 3-4 years of top shelf ruck work ahead - because he is getting better at his ruck craft with age.

Pre-season draft pick if I recall. Not a bad bit of drafting.


Can we give them Leuenberger instead?


He’s an old-fashioned ruckman but a very good one. Players of his size and type often produce their best form from about age 26 onwards, and can continue through to 33 or more. I’m betting he’ll be solid for the next 5 years. And he’s a real presence on the field, and seems like a great person to have around the club too.


He’s the big ruck cheese. Ryder is not there to compete with so he is first choice every week. And he’s got a very good group of mids to ruck to. We are on the upward trajectory so all in all it’s a very good place for Tommy to stay.


Big Bellcho love the big fella when he plays well.


We need finger wagging Belcho every week