#2 Tom Bellchambers 🛎


Our ruck coach Mark Jamar was interviewed by Whately on SEN this morning.

Dont bother to listen to it if you want to hear anything about Jamar in the context of Essendon. Jamar did mention Tommy and Matty’s names once in the 10 minutes. It was all about Gawn.


bring back hard tag ffs


Apparently Tom just had a “distal clavicular resection”. This is known as the “Mumford Procedure”

Does that mean he will be able to do this in 2019?



They had jamar on but just spent the whole time taking about Gawn? Flogs


why do you guys still do it…

SEN is for kids.
If you want to listen to real footy talk by people who understand the game, there are many avenues - podcasts are an option. SEN is like WWE is to martial arts. It’s tongue-in-cheek crass base rubbish fairy floss. Stop complaining. You get what you ask for.


Any suggestions? I don’t listen to SEN since the the troubled times but I haven’t stumbled on anything particularly good.


For radio - Scott Lucas is on Maquarie Radio some mornings (like today).
The Breakfast Club with Harford, White & Ramanaskus is on 927 and is footy-orientated without the crap - runs between 0630 and 0800 has a segment at 0730-ish called ‘Inner Sanctum’ which is a current player interview/chat for 30 mins (instead of the childish canned 5min interviews on sen).

For podcasts - you are best off sampling your own. Here’s a link with many - you can sort by ‘newest’ on the right.



Hey cheers for this!


wouldn’t be a thread without someone going on about “WhY dO yOu StIlL lIsTeN tO taLk BaCk RaDiO?”


Yes I think you are right. So, should I tune into Eddie for my daily drive ?

Yeh. Nah.


Did not get a vote in the brownlow. OK. The reality is ruckmen are now judged on their midfielder ability not as a "tap ruckman " . If Tommy can get in a full preseason and improve his fitness, so he can perform at 2018 peak levels for afull game, thats enough for me. Gru dy and Gawn are about 5 years younger. Its unfair to expect Tommy to perform at that level, but he should aim for that level in 2019. That would be a bonus.


It’s just the farking umpires medal. Tommy not getting a vote means squat. A true great tap ruckman is like gold, as per usual u need to see the game to see how effective the taps really are. The hit out stat means very little. The hitout to advantage also means little.

Umpires vote for those who get the most footy, doesn’t mean said player has had the most influence on the game as someone with less of the footy.


Tommy plays quite well around the ground. He is a good contested mark. He has been an accurate kick for goal. He is good as a hub in the middle, and distributes the ball well by hand in general play. He needs to increase his disposals by just 50%. clearances by 50% and he will be in the top 3 ruckmen in the comp.


The problem is good tap ruckman get the ball to their mids therefore the mids get the clearance and disposal and the umpires are too busy scurrying backwards to notice why the midfielder has the ball in the first place.


Theres no doubt the ruckman has had his role redefined.
Gorn the pre -eminent tap ruckman taking the contested grabs around the ground., But Grundy, is the extra inside mid. Tommy is the taps to advantage maestro More strings needed. Ability to perform in Q4 . Tommy has a head of steam up. He is on a roll , i am hoping 2019 will be his year. But he has to work on it. I reckon he can do it.

It was character building for String to be a ruckman. But i dont want to see that happening again.


Yep his a good ruckman when fit. He often seems to be playing with a niggle though.


No it hasn’t there have always been good mobile ruckman. But there have always been very few. Not many have the attributes to be like grundy but they have always been around.

With work Joe certainly could be both. But Id be more inclined to leave him fwd. I’d throw him in the ruck when he is having a quiet day though.


Take a look at Grundy. He is lean as. The old concept of the 120 kg megalodon is 20th century at the latest. Tommy needs shed 5 to 10 kgs, and get mobile. As players age, they can extend their careers by losing kgs.
The number of massive ruckmen is reducing every year and there is no option other than to follow that trend


Exactly, asking the umpire to umpire and vote on the best player is a bit silly really.


Players in general are a lot leaner these days that’s for sure. One thing we certainly agree on is all players have to run so much further then they used too.