#2 Tom Bellchambers ๐Ÿ›Ž


Needs to use heโ€™s size a lot more. I feel he is easily pushed off it, plays a lot for an easy kick. Imagine him with a Devon Smith type mentality. This bloke sometimes epitomises Essendon, once things get hard he drops heโ€™s bundle


Heโ€™s quite talkative, so not sure why youโ€™re calling him laconic.


I think footy teams tend to look to their big man a little.

certainly when Tommy bellchambers is playing well, Essendon plays well.

saw him spit the dummy a few times in the last when everything was going against us.

I am not sure he is fit.

or maybe it was just the heat. it was hot hard work just watching the game in the stands.

GWS on that front were amazing. Business like.


I am scared of how badly Gawn is going to murder Belly in 2 weeks


Gawn was made to look weak. If the guys can get their โ– โ– โ– โ–  together and bully him like Port did we might just get in his head.



This is Essendon youโ€™re taking about

Remember when Jason Johanissen was made to look weak for about 10 games running because he was targeted

Then when it came to our turn we let him do whatever he pleased and he was best on ground


I would like to see Draper get some games with Belly, they can rest at FF.

I think we can afford to have 2 big blokes while JOEDAN is injured.

Draper is fairly mobile, can compete and needs to get some games.


Heโ€™s cooked


Ports 3 first gamers showed more heart than some of our 200 gamers ever had on the weekend.
Loved that stuff from them on Gawn on the weekend no doubt unsettled him


Bellchambers form aside, people on here who have no idea outside their Essendon fandom bubble were talking about Dawson Simpson as if he were Jason Blake. Dawson Simpsonโ€™s only problem has been that he always breaks down. Whenever he has been fit he has been one of the better tap ruckmen in the comp. Look at how he went last year before going down.


I mean, really???
From Essington???


A liability.

His non existent second efforts made me want to punch a hole in the wall.


His performances are far too erratic.

He seems to be a player that needs to be challenged externally, to justify good performances.

For a senior player, that simply isnโ€™t good enough. And I think Zaharakis is in the same boat. The fact that they both havenโ€™t been in contention for the leadership groupโ€ฆ speaks volumes.


He had a surprisingly good year last season. Yesterday is what I will be expecting his form to be like for most of this year, bar 1 or 2 solid performances to keep retaining his spot


Given his ankle injury limits his training ability and he is 30 in July this year. Could he be on a fast downward spiral this year. And if we donโ€™t recognise it early we could be in serious trouble by mid season.

His ability to perform is a key part of our side, if he canโ€™t we need to start rolling with the alternatives and fast. Get Draper some game time and Clarke to get up to AFL speed.


Unfortunately Belly is overrated around these parts, personally I think he likes the taste of his own bath water.
One thing I do like about him is his will to โ€˜fly the flagโ€™ for his mates, unfortunately we are a soft side these days and heโ€™s one that has a dip. Reality is tho, you need to be able to play the game.


Rocks a mean set of three quarter length chinos.


Draper and Zlark might be a more interesting combination than TBell & Smack.
We really missed a tall forward target and a ruck that can actually run