#2 Tom Bellchambers ๐Ÿ›Ž


All busted Simpson can do is tap.
Expected Belly to dominate around the ground, and actually run off Simpson.
Remind me, how many marks did Belly take?
( Iโ€™ll give a hint - it was a number smaller then one)

Bring Draper in. Play Belly forward


Did anyone actually watch Clark on the jtl. He doesnโ€™t play.


He didnโ€™t play well but he did come sixth in the b&f. Be crazy to drop him now.


Yeah no way should we drop TBC


Bit harsh on Tommy imo. He had his best year of his career last year and after an interrupted preseason people want to drop him after round 1 for a 20 year old. I think that would be a poor selection decision.


Ah well, you donโ€™t see many of them poor selection decisions round here.


Should have gone hard for Preuss when he was available to have legitimate competition for the number 1 spot.


Thatโ€™s assuming Preuss wants to be a number 1 ruckman. Going to Melbourne to play second fiddle to Gawn, when Goldstein is in his twilight was and still is a strange move.


Yeah bit of a strange call.

I doubt he would have considered us, but he is the classic Mumford style bulldozer I reckon.

Got some genuine **** about him too.

Youโ€™d never catch him in farking capri pants thatโ€™s for sure.



I assume when Gawn is close to retirement, Preuss will ask for a trade to Collingwood to play out his days as second fiddle to Grundy.


Bellchambers only rocks up if his opponent is rated equal to, or better than himself.

If heโ€™s expected to have an advantage in the ruckโ€ฆ He usually phones it in.

Watch him bring it for Maxy Gawn in a few weeks.


He better come out angry this week.


So true. Killed the likes of Nic Nat last year and lowered his colours against some very average ruckmen


I donโ€™t trust Bellchambers at all. His inconsistency has been the epitome of the club over recent years.
I thought last year he started to turn things around and I was hoping his best footy might still be ahead of him, as it often if for ruckmen around his age.

But heโ€™s on thin ice after that first round performance. The next few weeks will be critical for him I reckon. (and the team of course).


Please pile the heat onto this bloke

Il let the rest of you do it. Two words from me though

Fucken pathetic


Good bye.


He has a BIG HEAD.


If I was Draper and couldnโ€™t get a game ahead of this bloke Iโ€™d be on the phone to my manager looking for another club


Time to go.

Has breezed through 10!years of football, with minimal improvement.


Hell even the tinman in wizard of oz showed more heart than this pretender