#2 Tom Bellchambers ๐Ÿ›Ž


Draper pls


I think its time for Draper to be bought in to play. Belly could play a forward statue!


Thanks for your service.

Next please.




Two weeks of a lack of effort. If he doesnโ€™t win the tap (or even if he does) he makes no real effort after that. And he needs to wear a belt, always pulling up his pants.


wtf does he get pushed over so easily, heโ€™s 150kg ffs

may be a bit of mayo on that number


he is quite easily the most useless ruckman the game has ever seen. Does not show 1 bit of emotion throughout a game to make me think that he even wants to be out there.
Stick him in a cannon, shoot him, take the cannon where he lands and stick him in and shoot again for good measure.


Heโ€™s done.
The bell has tolled.
Time for him to relax and enjoy his views from his penthouse apartment in Port Melbourneโ€ฆ


Has concrete in his boots.


I have never seen a bloke of his size fall over so much

Its actually hilarious


Ding dong


Fake Tough Guy

Doesnโ€™t really offer anything around the ground anymore either.

Itโ€™s Big Bad Sammy Draper time!!


Well, Draper is the obvious in, but Iโ€™d even settle for Zlarke right now. Does that adequately convey just how pisspoor heโ€™s been?

I donโ€™t know why weโ€™d have expected anything differentโ€ฆ after all, heโ€™s spent his career not being able to back-up from week to week, let alone year-to-yearโ€ฆ


My 6 year old who attended his next gen elite sports academy has a truck load more heart than this big finoccio


This is what grinds me the most. Looks like Tarzan plays like Jane. Actually thatโ€™s an unfair insult to Jane. Tayla Harris could outmark and outkick this peanut


He plays like a bloke that has no pressure on his spot in the team


Letโ€™s just back him in for another 5 or 6 weeks.

Iโ€™m sure he will come good.

Meanwhile a perfectly good Draper is rotting away in the VFL


Iโ€™ve never seen so many players go to ground as I saw today and they were all wearing red and black


Gone backwards at a rate of knots from last season. It sounds like he is not fully fit. If so, he should not be playing. Bring Clarke or Draper in to face Gawn.


Iโ€™m tempted to have Clarke play as a stay at home forward.

Draper is hungry and ready to come in.