#2 Tom Bellchambers πŸ›Ž


Soft as butter. Has been woeful. If he’s hurt, Park him until he’s right. Too many passengers and he’s one.


No to Clarke.

The guys career is nearly done so why play him.

Play Draper and if we want to play a forward then play Gown until Joey is ready.


I’ve been defending him saying its the whole team that has been shat. A lazy ruckman effects the whole team, especially the players around him. He would be competitive in some ruck contests and not others but once his job was done he checked out. Just stood still and if the ball came his way again, would give a token effort. Time to give someone else a chance



can you stop tarnishing the reputation of rotisserie chickens?




should be posting a well done steak.




Looks cooked.

I’d be dropping him.


Look forward to more views from his Port Melbourne penthouse balcony


Calf is heavily strapped - can’t get any jump.

Last year he was hitting them nicely down to our mids - but not much of that this season.


Bellchambers trying to avoid contact


Fixed :slight_smile:


Yeah, nah.
Her kicking action is far better than mine ever was but even at 44 years old I’d still have her covered distance wise :stuck_out_tongue:


The old man boast usually ends up with a pinged hammy or calf :stuck_out_tongue:


Just got over a calf injury from cricket so not game to kick the footy just yet but only 6 months ago I was still kicking them half decent. I was even thinking of pulling on the boots again with a few mates in the over 35’s comp but I can’t not play serious and would end up hurting myself or someone else


I knew how the St.Kilda game would play out more less from the first free kick TBell got in the middle. Or rather from the way he used the kick. Bomb into the 50 and hope for someone to do something miraculous. We have a lot of generally stupid players.


emulating harris’ kicking action would ping millions of hammies.


He really has looked laborious in the opening 2 rounds. Clearly not right, and yet another example of playing someone that is not fit. Zac Clarke should come in, give Belly time to get himself right. He’s got half a mattress strapped to his shin and is glacier slow…


No. Draper