#2 Tom Bellchambers πŸ›Ž


bring in the BIG BOI


Both and drop McKernan, play the ruckman out of the square, staying home and dragging their zone back to cover.


Playing Clarke means we will see more of Bellchambers up forward and get to see if he can take a contested mark like he used to. Hopefully this means we will have a stay at home forward between him and Clarke.


It all starts in the middle. Acid is on you capri pants, you’ve been rubbish for 2 weeks so it’s your time to be a leader. Are you going to let gawn run a muck, or will you step up? Personally reckon he is the key tomorrow


It’s a good plan, Gawn does like to get back and help their defence.
That’s where we can hurt him, knee from Clarke, TBC or Smack driving into a Gawn waiting in the hole.


TBC need to assert himself physically on Gawn. Be brutal and bash him up at every contest. Then let Clarke run him ragged in the last 7-10 mins of each quarter.

High physicality and high intensity is what we need against him tonight.


He is totally the key. If he can negate Gawns influence and impose himself on the contest then we are a really good chance of only losing by 12 goals


I’ve seen Trucks move faster than him


Should be dropped at halftime


lazy unaccountable waste of space

oh and someone buy him a friggin’ belt to wear, he pulls up his pants every friggin’ second


Please make it stop


Bellchambers has been bad tonight again. Watch it from high. He dies not move. He sits in the centre square and barely runs.

Clarke at least leads and leads and leads


Time to make plans for the future. It’s time for Sammy Draper.


Gotta bring Draper in


Starting to become a liability.


Not starting. Is a liability.


Thought he got through the preseason unscathed, but just looks underdone or he’s struggling to get up for each game.
At his best, he’s easily our #1
Wouldn’t surprise if he’s rested during the year and Draper gets a few games.


Just showed him with a heavily iced knee. Should be rested.


Hasn’t looked fit so far this year.


Elite Instagram Academy. Potato footballer. How has he had >10 year career? Clearly sore and carrying something but he’s an absolute liability.
Saw Simon Madden in rooms post game and he’d seriously offer more to the contest at 60.