#2 Tom Bellchambers


He's gotta play. Yes he'll be useless around the ground, but he has a chance of giving us first use (which we won't get from McK). We have already been getting killed at clearances in the JLT even when Leuey has been giving us service, if we get no service at all it will be a massacre.

It sucks but he's gotta play.


Reckon we're solid chance of getting massacred either way. Our stoppage setups have been "loose" to say the least during the preseason. They may not have SMitchell but they'll still carve us the ■■■■ up in the centre square if we given them the sort time and space we've been affording teams during the JLT.


I failed at taking notes, but my main thought was that if Howlett is forced to play 10+ games at vfl then he'll win the Liston. Little Heppel also looked good (although not listed). Sorry for the lack of info in general.


Did McKenna play?


Ok, lets be a little fair. You and several others have said he's had no continuity and/or been rubbish for four years.

In 2013 he was fantastic.
In 2014 he was injury struck.
In 2015 he really struggled, possibly due to injury, and then was out with injury.
In 2016 he was banned.

Unless we're treating Belly differently from others in respect of 2016, he's had two bad seasons, both plagued with injury.


Stop bringing facts and reason to arguments.

You know its an unfair advantage


Im no good to you. I was watching from a distance as Jobe, Heppel and few other guys came out and the kids wanted autographs. I was probably more interested in tracking the guys who didnt have numbers as i was looking for Peart but apparently he is unlikely this year.


Sorry, he has had no continuity for 3 and a bit years now, and had injuries/poor form prior to 2013.

so from 2009 to 2015 inclusive he has had one good season and been either average to poor in form or struggled with injuries. So I exaggerated the 6 week stretch but nothing else I said was incorrect.

From 2011 onwards he has played 13, 16, 18, 8 and 10 games in the season. He struggles to stay on the park and having now only played 18 matches in 3 years and the position he plays, I can't see him getting anywhere near his potential/2013 form. He is a guy who like Ryder need to play ruck 90% of the game but he simply can't.


In 2011 and 2012 he was a 21/22 year old ruck with two older, established rucks in Hille and Ryder in front of him. Getting those games was a testimony to how well he was progressing, not a knock.


He played two games there in recent years, had 150 and 135 dreamteam points! IIRC, he had something like 40 disposals and 3 goals versus Box Hill.


TBell needs back-up ??

Sam Draper, come on down.


At least his form is consistent.


Given Crow's comment that Bellchambers' minutes on the ground will be managed for the VFL Practice match (cf Hooker whom he said would play the full game), I would expect that he is no chance of playing round 1.


Its ok, apparently you can just ignore the facts these days to build your argument.


Milham will save us.


No, you just make up you own facts.


Just get Belly to play a half Friday then put him in cotton wool.


Agree. Looks unlikely to be sure.


That was when Hird was trying that ridiculous 3 ruckman strategy. And in those games it proves that Bellchambers and Ryder were very average unless they were in the ruck 90% of the time


Ffs just send Jamar out...anyone with a problem can take it up with him