#20 Jackson Merrett



13 Games

Showed a little.

Seems quick, good footy brain.


Still very raw and very skinny, hope he can improve next year.

Very important going forward as he has a shitload of class about him. I expect him to kick something around 25 goals next season whilst also providing run in the midfield.

:frowning: = Him in that pic haha

Up and comer. Shows great potential. Needs fattening up.

Think he showed more than enough for his first season.


Put some weight on him and he will become a very nice forward,

His arms and legs all look like spider's legs.


Seems to know what he should be doing, pretty dedicated to defensive pressure, can take a mark and, given he hasn't been broken into 30529 pieces, he's a lot stronger than he looks. Good long kick (most of the time... ignoring the heck out of that absolute brain fart in the last game) and seems to know where the sticks are. You'd like to see him get into more dangerous positions more often, but he looks like one to go on with.

Seems level headed.

And I notice that he just keeps on moving, kind of cruising around the ground, and inevitably ends up in space.

Hope he stays injury free, and keeps building his body, and accumulating senior game time.

Can't wait until he has some muscle definition.


Is the future replacement for Winderlich across HF.


Has genuine speed, good skills, prepared to tackle and, most importantly, is prepared to unconditionally put his head over the football.


The more games we get into him the better.

:( = Him in that pic haha

To me it doesn't look sad, it looks like German arrogance


If he dominates half as much as that guy... oh boy, wowee





yup like this kid  , can see him and winders causing some headaches .

I liked his year. Didn't get a ton of the pill but did nice things with it.


I was actually quite critical of him at one point this year till a mate pointed out that he believes he does a defensive job in our forwardline and tries to take the oppositions key play makers away from the action. This was something I never picked up on.

Looks like stants!

Vanilla so far.

He's been given a good grounding half season in the seniors.

Of course its early on, but to me he hasn't shown any standout qualities yet to make me think he'll be anything special.

Isn't quick, average body and height, even in the VFL doesn't get a lot of the pill, not particular passionate and has had some goalface howlers.

Hopefully he develops well in the next 2 years, but there's plenty of competition with Hams, Browne and Gleeson looking for a spot.

Vanilla so far.


Looked very promising early and then his performance dropped off.


Felt he would be reasonably happy with his year, and would think EFC would be pretty happy as well.

I was most impressed with his last game. He got  back up and down the field better than in his 12 previous games in 2013. Increased fitness in his next pre-season should see him play most games in 2014.

Brings more than a davey. Skill speed , quick hands , clean finisher runs to the right spots and makes good decisions . I heard that by mid season he was physically done over and was doing it tough but got his zip back later …with a bigger engine and a few kgs the boy will be a star.

Needs to learn how to kick goals from the goal square.


I don't share the optimism for him guys. But I'll give him another 2 years before I make a call.