#20 Jackson Merrett


Mate, Jerrett was playing down back when Howlett got his games…then when Jerrett was playing well up forward and in line for selection on the back of Fantasia’s hammy, he broke his leg…hence why Hocking got games.


Imagine that this decision also brought a smile to junior Merrett…


We are one big happy family here at Essendon.


if you delist hocking and howlett then it’s simple, you delist jerrett too.

the only reason you can justify this decision is, he’s been retained to keep his brother happy. all the other bullshit justifications people want to run with are just that, bullshit.

Kinda ironic they bend over backwards for a non top 5 best and fairest player hey haha.


You can’t seriously believe that

Hocking and Howlett would have been purely depth and should their type be needed younger players on our list like Mutch or Begley would be preferred to be played and give equal or probably now better output. So the two H’s are not even required depth, just list clogging.

Our gameplan is headed towards one based on pace & pressure. Depth on our list in that regard however is very limited though (Colyer got a gold pass this year as a result).

Hence Jerrett and Long for that matter have survived for now. They are required depth as players with pace we have not much of, and experienced with knowledge of our game plan also. More valuable to team success than some 18yr old pick 100 with a bit of toe.


What a load of ■■■■


Except…he was fourth




It’s no coincidence that the players retained have speed and nippiness, while the players released don’t have these qualities - It’s all about the game plan.


Jerrett and Long are completely different because of their age and games played. Long still potentially has further development. Jerrett is within his best football age and has played his 50+ games. The cupboard is a good cupboard, but it ain’t ever going to be an antique.

I understand the gameplan argument. What I don’t get though is how anyone knows that we’ve changed our gameplan since the end of this season. And if we haven’t, why didn’t Jerrett play and others did. The list management is not inline with the team selection.


Maybe Merrett was a backup for Green, and when Green went down, Merrett had already gone down.

Maybe it’s as simple as that.


Why would Merrett be back up for green when they played different ends of the ground and different roles all year?


Wasn’t Merrett playing forward when he hurt his leg?


Didn’t realize he’d played that many games- he’s made it already.


Merrett had started playing forward again in his last 4 or 5 games


Green missed rounds 2 and 3… no Jerrett.

Green missed rounds 18 and 19… no Jerrett.

Jerrett was then injured when Green missed round 23 and the EF.

I don’t think the Green / Jerrett straight swap is a thing.


Maybe they gave Howlett and Hocking additional chances to see if they could fill a role in the gameplan. They couldn’t. At the same tube they sent Merrett to learn a different role specifically tailored to the gameplan. He did it to the point where he was on the verge of selection, and then broke his leg.

At the end of the season the coaches likely had a different view to earlier in the season regarding likely future contribution of all of them.


Monfries Mk2

Monfries was overhyped imo though, always hinted at it but never got there consistently.

Think Jerrett was showing a pretty decent small forward before he went down, I also think playing with his brother would bring 20% lift out of both of them.


Things I never thought would happen:

  1. Jake Stringer plays for Essendon.
  2. Donald Trump is President.
  3. Jackson Merrett gets another contract.


It’s even simpler than that. The old players were delisted.