#20 Jackson Merrett


Monfries was a decent contributing forward in a tough period for forwards for years. Jerrett has had maybe 1 or 2 good senior games and shown very little otherwise up forward or anywhere. Big difference.


Merrett is probably being kept on the list for another year so that we can save a pick for next year’s draft rather than this year’s. Thoughts?


It looks like one year contracts are the go for delisted players across the league. They are a low cost option that puts the onus on the player to perform to win a second contract. I call this the Mark McVeigh option.


Monfries ripped adelaide a new one too.


They are nothing alike.


Nah that seems a bit irresponsible. Think they let him rest in bed not the forward pocket


but he wasn’t delisted, nor are one year contracts for fringe players some new trend.

And on Mark McVeigh taking one year contracts, that was something he did by choice early in his career to motivate himself, and nothing to do with him being at the end of the clubs contract priorities.


Monfries played 211 AFL games and kicked 248 goals. Jerrett would have to have a pretty amazing career from this point on to come close to achieving what Monfries did in the game.


yet those spots weren’t filled this year by said players you mention, who don’t fit the mould. and guys like begley and langford were over looked this year.

if you believe the premise those players are there for depth, then no matter what you surely keep the players who actually you know you used as depth this year ?

I don’t really care to be honest. if things go to plan, jerrett is no where near the best 22 so it’s irrelevant.

If he makes it into the best 22 our season is ■■■■■■ and it won’t matter that he’s in there anyway as again the season will be over.

But again the only reason he’s kept on the list is to appease his brother, no if’s or buts about it.


I was against keeping Jerrett until I read this.
Give him 3 years!


Your opinion on something, regardless of how strong, doesn’t make it a fact.


Probably a bit easy to forget this was a year for some experiment with a bunch of players who hadn’t played much or at all together, and hopefully eventual consolidation in as many areas as possible. Hocking and Howlett are older players, last legs players. They will not keep younger players out of the team next year, the competition for those spots will be between younger players, that’s pretty easy to see, it’s a simple fact, and imo it’s good. Jerrett a stable pony? Seems like a paranoid fantasy


Don’t even try


He’s plain ice cream before they even put the vanilla flavouring in.


My thoughts are that this hasn’t been pointed out often enough in the last 400+ posts but still a long way to go to catch the BT calling Raz and Stringer repeat-fest.


He’s better than a recruit, because he already knows how to coach himself :wink:


people used to have an opinion that the world wasn’t flat. luckily i guess they didn’t listen to people who who made pointless comments.


l should have made myself clearer. l posted this after reading about Lachie Keeffe being picked up by the Giants as a DFA. I may have posted in the wrong thread, but l can still see one year deals becoming more the norm.


Nah - Except the older players had no speed or nippiness.


We’ve had 7 players go out and only 4 come in including 1 rookie upgrade.

We weren’t ever likely to be going to to cut deeper than that with only very late picks in a weak draft and with limited depth as far a quick players go.