#20 Jackson Merrett


I don’t rate Merrett and I find it odd we retained him, but c’mon DKP, you’ve rammed that point about “we’re fkd if he’s in the seniors” a few times now. We get it. If anything, I’d say it’d be the opposite, if he’s in the seniors he’s probably in some seriously good form

Stop slandering the kid and back him in. If he makes it one day, albeit I see that as unlikely, then that’s fkn awesome. If not you can comeback in a year and tell everyone you were right. But it is what it is now so get the fk behind him. At worst he’s gonna be a valuable vfl contributor


I rate merrett over langford and laverde


I’m one of the few who still think he has something to offer but thats a big call.


Interesting rating system you must have!


Would anyone actually be proven wrong?

Most rate him as useful depth if we have a few injuries to the same type of player.


It’s irrelevant that everyone has the same opinion.
DKP is still more right than the rest of us.


woah there

id love for you to be correct though, late bloomer?

this hype train has plenty of seats!!


My gen X anti hype tendencies finds your case compelling. On board.

Going to back Jackson Merrett for the Brownlow Norm Smith double.


On what they have all contributed and shown so far I probably agree. Don’t think Langford or Laverne have had a 35 possession game nor a 9 tackle game.
Time will tell.


Jackson is 24 , Langford 20, Laverde 21 why even compare. Different sizes , different skill sets , 2 boys you know have huge development in them and Jackson you know right now what you have. Not sure why I am tapping the keyboard


This time last year I called him a list clogger. 12 months on and not much has changed


Jerrett couldn’t even get a consistent game time in 2016 when half our list was banned and we had top ups taking his place and people suddenly are hoping he will come good in 2018?

Classic Essington list management.




People bang on about that one game (1.9%) of his 54 game career.

I wish I could get away with being very farking ordinary for 98% of the time.


We should have a beer sometime… I’ll tell you how it’s done.


l am reminded of the broken clock, by this comment.


He played 11 of 22 games in blocks of 3/4 games including the last 4.


Your posting history suggests you’re closer than you think.


Got consistent games in 2013 when they were all there though.


Indeed, back when he was younger and had plenty of potential, so they chose to get games into him to see what he had to offer.