#20 Jackson Merrett


Courtney Johns…very mediocre every game I saw him play at Aberfeldie


It’s hard to think of a more hyped up bust than C Johns. When he was being talked up as a top 10 draft selection pre-hip injury over here, he was playing colts level. No wonder he stood out. Not sure who was behind his drafting but lets hope that person no longer works at the EFC.


And what’s worse, in the 6 seconds games before he got promoted, he did absolutely nothing. Mediocre is a massive overstatement…and allegedly Lloyd and Lucas were told to play decoy for him.

He did have 2 good AFL games though, at Freo and vs Jason Cloke.


Worst decision this off-season by far was retaining merrett imo.

Still, our list is pretty clear of cloggers for the first time in a long time.

Of the senior listed players up for contact renewal next year:

Possible retirees:

  • baguley
  • goddard

Both are clear best 22 and are no certainties to retire.

Possible delistees:

  • brown
  • dea
  • long
  • merrett

Of those, Dea and brown are highly serviceable players that are on the cusp of our best team. Neither are old, and both can play in multiple positions. That’s what I call good depth.

Then you have long who is playing for his career, but atleast he is young and has some potential. Worth a shot.

The one who makes no sense whatsoever is Jerrett. He isn’t good enough to be considered good depth, nor is he young or inexperienced enough where you could justify giving him another year to prove himself. It’s a waste of a spot, pure and simple.


Redman is contacted til end of 2019


Not sure who coined the phrase “looks like Tarzan, plays like Jane” but I’m sure they wouldn’t mind it being used in this instance.

I think it was Vinnie (VD Sucks) who had Johns worked out right from the start. Wasn’t a popular opinion at the time. Vinnie got lots of things wrong but he deserves an apology over that call.


Oops, I’ll edit


He was rookie draft #28, hardly earth shattering stuff. After him we took Adrian Wilson and Toby McGrath. Porplyzia was the only player taken after him to have any sort of a career.


Here are the choices we had with Jerrett

  • Late draftee in weak draft on 2 year deal. Low chance of success and minimal benefit to 2018 list. Can’t use that list spot in next years strong draft.
  • Even later rookie pick on 1 year deal. Lower chance of success than a main list pick. Minimum benefit to 2018 list. Can use that spot in strong 2018 draft.
  • 1 year deal on minimum wage. Small forward depth and can do a job at AFL level. Extra pick in 2018 if he fails.

Between Jerrett and Green, we are talking about the last 2 players on the list. The comparison is pick 60-70 in a very very weak draft. I don’t have an issue with the decision.


Yep. He was worth a shot for where we got him. If his body had come good he could’ve been useful.

The problem was giving him about 3 years and 20 games too many.


Thats pretty much.

Personally id rather they deslisted both hs, mckernan and long well long is a 50/50, and gone with trialling some state players, even for a year.

As you say if we are at the point jerrett is getting games , our season is ■■■■■■ and developemnt shpuld be key.
We dpnt gwt any development out of playing someone who should have been delisted 2 years ago.

But eh, like i said originally, if all goes relatively eight , he is no where near thw best 22 so it doesnt matter, if he is pur seasons fuxked and most will have given up caring, so eh


I’ll have you lashed for that blasphemy against our MESSIAH


Or we’re cruising along in the top 4 and lose a small forward to short term injury or suspension and Merrett is our best performed player in the 2s who can come in and do a job for a couple of weeks.


The auto-correct on your phone is obviously sick of you and is now just taking the ■■■■


I’ll take choice 1 or 2 and stay well care of choice 3


Let’s just end the discussion now -

(source: https://afltables.com/afl/stats/games/2014/030520140406.html)


Multiple goals to Hardingham (I didn’t even know he was still playing for us), Winderlich, Chapman and Carlisle. And a couple of appearances from a bloke called Melshum? Watson runs down Buckley Hobbit lol. Jerrett was OK but not the highlight I was looking for.


What I saw is that Merrett has been missing Carlisle!


“And a bad night gets worse for Carlton…”

I think I’ll watch that again.

PS how good Hocking!


with potentially green, begley, lav all in the 2nds ( on current perceived best 22 with stringer and smith in the side) again if merrett is getting a game infront of those 3, either somethings gone very wrong, or those players have severely gone backwards and somethings gone very wrong on a different front.

If jerrett plays a game next year, then again we are ■■■■■■, cos he should be no where near the afl and somethings horrible has gone wrong somewhere.