#20 Jackson Merrett


Have to post re the “forgotten bomber”.
Given intra clubs are tricky to read into, I have to say he was more than half decent yesterday on the wing.
Like Corgi, had a lot to play for, but racked them up, covered ground, and beat some much better players at times in one on ones.
Depth, but as Jackets or Richardson ( can’t remember which) said, in a very good team he could be a very useful player.


It was Dodoro. Richardson probably doesn’t even know Zach has a brother.


Yep, I posted it in the intraclub thread. But for a bloke that cops a lot of rubbish, he is a good footy player.


I’d believe it.
Langford in defense, ffs…


He came into the game in the 2nd half.

It was dodoro. He still has high hopes for him and rates jackson. He rates him as a winger. Has the engine and tools for it - alluded to one of his games (think the carlton game where he had 36?) Just said that he like some others needs to find some conuinity in his game & hopes he can do that this year and with the depth on the list, hopes he could get a spot in the team.


jackets isnt going to say that a player is done on any form of recorded media


You’re right. But jackson did very solid yesterday.


It’s anazing he got another contract

Will be delisted at the end of the year


Not if he can continue to improve on his efforts yesterday. He has the whole season to prove himself and rescue his career.


He very nearly played the last few games in 2017. If he hasn’t broken his leg he would have filled in as a small forward / wingman.

I don’t expect him to get another year, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays seniors a few times in 2018. Our gameplan relies on small fast players who can run. We struggle when we don’t field a full complement of this type. Jackson can cover that role better than many on the list.


He was up and about for a while in 2011-12-13 when we had some really good runs of wins with Hirdy/Bomber.

He’s a little bit soft, but quick enough.
Not many tricks, but neat enough skills.

Kind of guy that can look good in a good team, but we’ve now got a list that has players that
have/will go past him.


I reckon he’s the luckiest player to be on the list. I know others would say Smack (rookie anyway) but I reckon Smack is there for a specific scenario that given the fragility of our rucks could happen and has happened.
Jerret can fill a few spots no doubt but will either need to improve significantly or EFC have a hideous amount of injuries.


come on mate. he played decently in an intraclub after what, 6/7 years of nothing?

dont want to be an eternal pessimist but with this guy its a foregone conclusion


Jackson will be competing for spots with guys like Mutch, Houlihan, Begley, Long and Guelfi.

Jackson would likely perform the best on the day, but all those other guys will improve for the experience.


What about actual best 22 players?


Oh hell no. He’s backup for speed and endurance. Not in best 22 discussion.


If (when) we delist him, 100% an interstate side picks him up as a rookie or something to try and lure Zac a few years afterwards. Nothing surer


i doubt either of them go interstate.

aren’t they very close with their mum whos chronically ill?


I don’t know about that but I believe you.

Still, when Jacko is delisted and offered a chance to resurrect his career somewhere else surely he would take it.

IMO we should have delisted him two years ago.


Honestly Zach has never seemed the type to desperately want to play with his brother… how many times have we actually heard that him reference his brother in terms of his career? hardly at all. He’s his own person.

Unless Zach’s form falls off a massive fkg cliff, he wont be playing in the same side as his brother anyway.