#20 Jackson Merrett


I was watching a different game yesterday thinking how the hell is this bloke still on the list when a bloke like hind could be given a go at afl level.


I don’t think it will work, and I don’t think he’ll go, I’m just saying I reckon another club will still try it.


Wasn’t aware that he was even playing, lets be honest, he’s a list clogger. That’s not to say he’s not one hell of a guy though.


I don’t entirely disagree with your assessment of him, but he played 1 game in 2011/12 combined and then struggled a fair bit in 2013 and I reckon he had 2/3 good games in 2014 and since had 4/5 good enough games since scattered throughout (including that one 30+ possession game against Carlton).

I think considering his age and what he’s shown in both AFL/VFL level so far, he’s probably one of the luckiest players in the AFL to be on a list and I think he’ll be delisted come end of year.


He was only drafted in 2011, so it was pretty hard for him to play games that year.
He’ll need a very surprising jump in form to stay on the list


I was responding to Tippa’s comment that he was up and about in 2011/12/13. He played one game in two of those years combined.

I just don’t think even on Jackson’s best days are better than most.


Interesting way to form a view on the intra club.
Are you in the media perchance?


Interesting to here disco say in the call that he thought Jerret’s position was wing. Of course we’ve played him everywhere but wing since he showd a bit of promise there


I agree, we have. However it’s because he has not been good enough on the wing.


Was it that long ago? That’s amazing.

At the end of the year he will have been on the Essendon senior list for SEVEN years. That would be incredible if it wasn’t so Essington predictable


Jerrett reminds me of Prismal, a neat player who looks good in good team playing well. He’s not the inspirational, take the game by the scruff of the neck, change the coarse of the game type. He could be very handy if he comes in this year and a bonus if by the end of the year another team wants a fringe top 4 team player.


I think that is probably right


Boehurst and Hartung are better players in my opinion with similar games and they were delisted. He is exactly the sort of player we hold on to for too long. Every year first year players go past him and he goes further back in the queue. A breakout season in his seventh year on the list would be remarkable.


Watching a different game in the sense that i didn’t think he was impressive at all. Both sessions iv’e seen this year i actually thought he has lost all confidence and was actually a better player a couple of years ago.
What did you think of Hinds game?


Facts Pffffft.

Best I do my research next time I ■■■■■■ make sweeping statements!!

Still, for a moment he showed glimpses.
And some players in history have just timed their form right, and been the beneficiary of better players around them that do the heavy lifting.


You do realise that his younger brother, who is vice-captain and arguably our best player might be part of the reason he has been given so much unwarranted time and opportunity?


I doubt it. I would guess that Zac is far too professional to be influenced by that. Jackson couldn’t even crack a game when we had a dozen of our best players suspended. He’s been given plenty of opportunity and isn’t up to scratch.


Goodness, you’d hope not.

It’s not Under 14’s.


Kinda like John Travolta’s brother in Saturday Night Fever - not as good looking or as cool as Travolta and dropped out being a priest. Nice kid, but Frank was no Tony Manero.


Or, kinda like these guys: