2016 Membership

Looks like it’s up and going. Personally like the ‘throwing in the towel?’ Section.

Get on.


I never got a 2016 one :(

No one did. If I make it out there, I’ll grab one for you.

I think Egan was going to be the VFL coach quite a long way out. I suspect the profiles just haven't been updated.

If you actually read Egan’s 2016 coach profile you would see that it was written after the season finished last year, which in terms of coaching appointments isn’t a long way out.


I never got a 2016 one :frowning:

Hey @Koala - Members Lapel Pins for $2 at Windy Hill Bomber shop on the weekend.
saw that! maybe they'll start sending them out again given they didn't sell well!! :p

Hey @Koala - Members Lapel Pins for $2 at Windy Hill Bomber shop on the weekend.

So with this 2 for 1 offer, are our membership numbers getting a bonus member with every new purchase? Why don’t we just run a limited time 50,000 interstate members for the price of 1 and really smash our previous tally?

Any High Mark members on here?

If so can you tell me why it’s awesome?

I used to be simply for the level two seats at Etihad. But changed to silver and have better seats on level one.

Everything else is pretty much the same aside from match day speakers in the high mark area.

I’m first year silver this year and looking forward to the level one seat and whatever happens in the victory room. Can anyone give insight into the victory room setup?

The Victory Room is just a pub basically. But it does allow you to take plastic cups in if you’re sneaky and take heavy beers back to your seats during mid strength games.
I’ve been last to be booted from there on several occasions after removing myself from my seat at such hidings as the Saints and Dogs last year.
They now do a big roast that they make you rolls from for last couple of seasons.
No toilet line ups either if you time it.
My favourite place at all grounds I’ve been too

I think Egan was going to be the VFL coach quite a long way out. I suspect the profiles just haven’t been updated.

Can the Skippy haters pls enlighten blitz on ...

a) How long our FWD line has been screwed, &

b) How long he has been to blame for it?, &

c) How you form the correlation?


The positive I put on Skipworth as a forward coach is that we have a very inexperienced forward line and his background as a development coach is useful.

The negative I have is Essendon appear to have been left high and dry with its coaching appointments with our website indicating that Skipworth was to be the VFL coach this year (essendonfc.com.au/team/profiles/coaches/vfl-coach—hayden-skipworth) and Egan the Defence line coach (essendonfc.com.au/team/profiles/coaches/assistant-coach—matthew-egan).

I think the coaches have done a good job in limited circumstances this year, with Woosha a definite plus, but I would hope we get back up with the best in terms of our coaching staff next year.

Looking at Hawthorn, they have Clarko (who incidentally may have formed his opinion on the need for senior coaches to serve an apprenticeship when he got his first gig as assistant to new St Kilda coach Tim Watson in 1999 after being a Melbourne runner in 1998), they also have the three line coaches, with Brett Ratten as the forward coach, plus a full time stoppages coach as well as a ruck coach and a specialist key position coach as well as the VFL coach, Academy coach and development coach (hawthornfc.com.au/football/players-and-coaches/coaches).

If we want a cohesive game plan, we need it to be taught cohesively and comprehensively across the whole ground in both stoppage and non stoppage situations. Clarko is famous for being hands off and respecting his various coaches roles and keeping an eye on the overall process and making sure it is cohesive and coordinated.

EssendonFC and it's people are pretty special.
And there certainly are some "special" people on blitz.

It’s amazing the sponsors haven’t dropped off either. It wouldn’t surprise if they’ve had a surge in business as a result of the saga

Website has us at 46,639. There have been times in my life where I’ve been really unimpressed with the community of Bomber fans. I was at Windy Hill when thousands booed the team at 3/4 time against Fitzroy (late 70s I think). Add to that the heckling of the likes of Kevin Walsh, Che Cockatoo-Collins and of course Stants. But this current membership drive is amazing. And the crowd response to the St Kilda loss last year, when we all stood and applauded the players off the ground. I’m so proud to be a Bomber fan these days - hard times bringing out the best in people.

A STKFC mate has been getting stuck into me about compensation for Carlisle big time. So l convinced him that members/supporters were just going to boycott the STKFC away game so that STKFC lost significantly more than they got. His attitude changed immediately, first to you "can't do that, its not fair" then to clear fear that they could be seriously financially hurt. Whether we should do it or not l'm not sure, but l sure enjoyed watching someone else panic and be worried about their side for a change.

I understand where your mate’s coming from. This “drug” thing’s had very little publicity - how were the Saints to have known that Carlisle might be under investigation?

Much as I would like to, I am not going to travel to Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Adelaide for those games. I will go down to the pub and watch those games on Foxtel. With the money I save , I can go to some of the club functions. Last year I went to the season opening party, the 85 team anniversary, and the B&F. All up it cost me a lot more than the membership, but not nearly as much as airfares. So thats the main reason I changed to a home games membership, and I will put that money towards some of the 2016 functions. So, that strategy probably nets the club more money, even though my member ship is not as costly. So its not necessarily a case of home memberships hurt the club.

Annoyingly, it seems to be random luck this year whether the main page or the membership page has the greater number. Presently the membership page has the upper number above, the main page the lower one.

(up 2,285 on last year)

After all the ■■■■ that’s been flung at the club and everyone associated with it, including us supporters, these past 4 years, we need to turn up in greater numbers than ever before to show the rest of the football community that we just ain’t going nowhere.

We need to make a statement that we are made of sterner stuff than any supporters of rival clubs are, whom would probably have jumped off in their sides in droves by now.

And judging by the latest membership numbers, we’re well on our way to showing the rest of the comp that EssendonFC and it’s people are pretty special.

I’ll be there for nearly every game this year supporting my club and shoving it up the opposition by just having my mere presence at the games.

If you cant afford even a 3 Game Flexi Membership you may be doing life wrong.

Strong fan and sponsor support have been about the only thing to see us through this saga so far, if those were to fade the ramifications could be dire for the long term health of the club.
Hence Essendon acted alone.

The AFL couldn’t afford to introduce two new Tassie teams to replace Melbourne and Gold Coast.

About to reach 50,000 members faster than anytime in our history club told me today. Amazing..49,722 today.

Website showing 49378… Did it go down in the last few hours?

CJ’s information is more up to date than the website.