2017 Anzac Day Guernsey


Good grief.

The jumper design being sacrosanct every other fixture of the year is saving the club from themselves.


Are you saying you don't like it?

Fantastic IMO, .. although straight edges on the sash might have improved it.

More a garland that a sash in that form.


That guernsey looks so farking good. ive gotta buy one. it makes the Adidas one look like crap


'dem poppies tho......

The design might grow on me, no pun intended.


Stunning, will definitely be getting one of those



Should've been a sash made of Anzac biscuits. They're freaking delicious.


It's not my cup of tea but I'll allow it. Chill TFO Rolo


Convinced we'll never win another ANZAC Day game anyway so no overly fussed what we wear.


What about if we wear a Collingwood jumper?


Hard to argue with that ...


I'd prefer our traditional home strip.


Not bad, a bit Hawaiian shirt like, but not garish.

Just win the bloody game, please. FFS.


Unsure about these Anzac jumpers, we're 0 from 2 in these and been utterly insipid both times


id like to see an essendon win.


0-2 and utterly insipid

Just like the Anzacs AM I RIGHT



Bloody awful.

If they want money for RSL, have a raffle.


So...same as last year then


Nah. That's feckin shite.


Last year the petals weren't so elaborate.